Grow Bags vs Plastic Planters: Which is better?

by Kathleen Clark

Standards can be a double edged sword.

That’s why you should always do your own research to help you better form an educated opinion. It is always a shame to watch people with exponential potential become so close minded that they can no longer take in new information. Which leads me to my next subject.

Grow bags VS plastic planters: which is better?

Is better the right word or will master growers take offense and defend their decisions?

Let me put it this way….. Which option promotes the happiest healthiest plants?

Science tends to lean in favor of the grow bags. Plants growing in bags tend to have healthier happier  root systems. The roots of any plant are comparable to ones arteries, and we should all agree that taking care of the vessels that fuels our heart is no small task. Yeah, sure we can swing in the McDonald’s drive thru to suffice our current hunger but maybe taking the longer route would give us more sustainable fuel to help us power through the day.

Oh how I crave energy at the end of a long work week and I don’t know about y’all but fast food meals have never motivated me to push through any task, I tend to feel sluggish and lackluster afterwards. We cant always afford or even have the time to make healthy meal decisions but when we do our bodies appreciate it.
In grow bags the roots become air pruned which is essential to growing healthy plants. Without exposure to air the roots will grow around the container in a restricted pattern limiting nutrient intake.

Grow bags also tend to have better temperature control as well as making it more difficult to over water.
One of the most versatile features  and one of the main reasons growers lean towards pots (financial comparisons as well) is that the bags are reusable. They are more difficult to clean but one might find a power washer quite useful during those times; and they can last anywhere from 2-4 years when properly taken care of.

The lifespan of bags is not quite comparable to the lifespan of plastic planters but if you could grow bigger healthier plants why not give it a try?

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