Professionalism goes a long way in this Very Green Industry

by Brittiany Ralls

Opening a dispensary in Oklahoma is such an exciting experience for anyone who is wanting to try and make their mark in the cannabis industry. Imagine this, you have decided to open a dispensary and you are going to use your life’s savings to make it happen. You go through all the red tape necessary to get your dispensary open. Then before you even open you are bombarded with sales people from all kinds of companies from growers to glass artists to cleaning supply companies, all trying to sell their products to you. I have seen owners get swarmed with 40 different sales groups all at once trying to make their way to a big sale. For some of these owners this can become overwhelming and tiresome, very quickly.

Which is understandable, but I have seen some owners make the mistake of burning bridges with sales people and then regret that decision later down the road.

The sales people are typically called your vendors, they are your connection with a company that you work with since you are a retail establishment. For most dispensaries, owners will quickly realize that their patients prefer a variety of options to choose from including: dosing to pricing to even merchandise options. These vendors are either individuals who work for a specific company or a broker group that represents several companies. But, they are also typically patients, so just like they are looking to make a sale with you, feel free to try and make a sale with them.


Start trying to establish your dispensary as the place that even your vendors want to come to. Thus forming strong relationships with a lot of those in the community that allows you all to support each other. Which is a very important aspect to consider while operating in a state like Oklahoma that allows such a free market. The competition here is no joke and everyone is looking to make their mark. This type of free market is great from the aspect of allowing many to be involved in this industry. But may lack the necessary control to allow for sustainable growth for more within the community.

With an ever changing landscape while the cannabis industry works through the rocky waters of newly being legalized, there are bound to be some that will make it and some that will not. Utilizing every aspect you can to make your dreams come true is what any successful person has had to do. There is a certain level of professionalism that is best to exhibit when around others in the community since you all are doing business together. This allows for everyone to approach situations with a more level head furthering the communication and respect that is necessary when dealing with any situation where money and business is involved. When money is involved people can be not as forgiving for mistakes since they may, like I said above, have put their life savings into making their dreams come true.

Remembering we are all in this to bring medicine to patients, including your vendors who are patients, will allow you to hopefully approach those around you with compassion.

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