Happy Birthday

by James Bridges
Herbage Magazine

I’m not huge on birthdays. Well…my own birthday. I actually enjoy celebrating others birthdays though. I’ve had one surprise party thrown for me in my life and I’m good with that.

Even the toughest of the tough feel a little something on their birthday.

Yesterday was very unique for me. I was given the opportunity to speak with one long-lost crush-turned-friend and one person I so dearly love and have not spoken with in years. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I noticed the call ID.

A slap in the face.

It hit me. I remembered so many things that used to be lost at the bottom of a bottle. Inevitably by then then it wouldn’t matter. We find masks to hide behind so we don’t face reality. Or at least some of us “bad fish” do.


By happenstance, luck, fate, focus, will of the universe, what have you… I was in a situation where cannabis played a huge part in my acceptance of the situation in order to reflect.

Before cannabis:

Search to find cannabis
Run from demons
Find a numbing agent
Move on

Proper consistent cannabis use:

Plenty of clean, responsible, non-habit forming, ZERO death rate Medical Maryjuanna
Laugh in the face of demons
No need to numb unless my back hurts
Search for reasonable solutions

If ever I were to receive something for my “birthday” it would be for those of you that need help to find it and tell others how you did.

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