Training through Terps

Training through Terps

by Micah McKamie

Why Not?

Has anyone ever told you that you can’t smoke weed and workout? Oh, that’s because no one ever asked? All through-out history there are instances where if people didn’t just ask “why not?” then we wouldn’t have such great inventions like the telephone or TikTok. Now I am in no way paralleling my “research” ( read that sarcastically ) to Alexander Graham Bell, however, the idea is still the same.

Why Not? If Phenos can be hunted, terpenes isolated and people who want healthier and more natural supplements to enhance their workouts, why not use marijuana to get physically fit? Why can’t we train through terpenes?

Habit Change

Throughout my time in Texas high school football and later in the Army, I have seen fad diets and workouts come and go. Even though there is some validity to most of these dietary and training programs, there is one thing missing from each. You!!

Your preferences, lifestyle, schedule, doesn’t always match up with the ideals set forth by a “trainer”. Most of the time you have failed before you even began, because you are eliminating a lifestyle and integrating a whole new regime right at the same time. This can cause major issues with comfort, anxiety, and ultimately, you quit.

No matter how you look at it, you are trying to undo 100% of your life in the snap of a finger. This is not how health works. Its a slow process of relearning habits and ultimately changing your lifestyle. But what if, you didn’t have to completely change? What if you didn’t have to buy a ton of supplements, workout equipment, pay for a gym membership or give up cannabis!?!?

Training through Terps

Flashback to January of this year, when I set out on this journey to find a healthy lifestyle balanced with cannabis and fitness. What I found out at 39, was that not only could the two work together, but I could strive with this “Training Through Terps” program.

There are many benefits including post-workout pain management, reduction in inflammation, as well as, being able to control hunger spikes with humulene, and getting premium sleep when I want it and not when my anxiety wants to let me. Working out at home, with minimal equipment, using a selective eating program, as well as cannabis, has given me a lot of the benefits you would expect from this wonderful plant.

The benefit that I did not count on was the ability to lose myself in a workout out with the right strain. The perk of being able to turn my energy off and on like a light switch helps maintain energy conservation while also getting the best workout.

I know you might be skeptical, what do you mean energy conservation and blahsie, blah, blah…. For people who adamantly workout, have you ever left the gym exhausted but your pre-workout is not done with your brain or one little stupid tick that keeps you from getting the rest your body and mind need? Well, when your pre-workout and sleep aid are made from the same plant just different terpenes, it tends to be easier to control the effects.

This epiphany led me on a journey that has been emotional, eye opening spiritually, as well as, physically, in addition to just being just a lot of fun.

What ultimately made me decide to start sharing this information was the Mike Tyson fight. I had listened to all of the podcasts and anything I could get my hands on about this fight. Mike was making a comeback and he was old AF. If he could do it then so could anyone. Then the kicker….. He had been smoking the entire time he was training AND RIGHT BEFORE THE FIGHT!!!! This was game changing to my mindset. This journey may never end and so I decided to document my results for the public to decide if “Training through Terps” is fire or boof.