Harvest Season

by Rayne Graham

It is #croptober and cannabis growers couldn’t be more excited! I am speaking from a place of pure happiness when it comes to harvesting my cannabis plants. What is Croptober you ask? Basically, us lucky ducks in the Northern Hemisphere get to witness the outdoor crops coming in. The hashtag is a way for us to track all the beautiful colors of the Cannabis harvest across social media. This also means it is cutting, drying, trimming, and curing time. Then by the time Christmas rolls around we will all have more to put under the tree. Lovely, isn’t it? 

This could also be the month for aromatherapy as well. Think about all those terps fully ripe within the trichome heads giving off dank aromas that will make your mouth water. For instance, Lavender Jones would have linalool making everyone relaxed and chilled out, think lavender as this terp is present in it as well. Also, the perfect time to roll up a really stick resin joint., I am just saying. 

So, in light of Harvest Season and of course Croptoberlet’s check out some fun cannabis facts as we prepare to partake in these mouthwatering strains. 

  • Cannabis is one of the most successful of Earth’s species, period. 
  • The first Hemp Seeds were introduced to North America by Christopher Colombus. 
  • Americans consume more than 6,000 metric tons of Cannabis each year.  
  • There are now more Marijuana smokers than Tobacco smokers. About 37million Americans use marijuana each year which is higher than the number of tobacco users. 
  • Cannabis reduces Alcohol Consumption. In the states where it has been legalized the alcohol sales have dropped by 15%. 
  • In 1996 California became the first state to legalize Cannabis. 
  • At this moment medical Marijuana is legalized in 33 states. Yay! 
  • Medical Marijuana patient vs recreational smoker spending. Medical patient spends roughly $136 on a purchase that will be made about every 10 days. Recreational smokers will spend an average of $49 per every few weeks. 
  • According to Marijuana statistics in 2017, sales of medical Marijuana were higher than that of Oreo Cookies. Yes, americas favorite cookie was taken down by Americas favorite plant. In fact, 9 times bigger than the sales of the Oreo cookie. 
  • Hemp breathes in more than 4xs the Carbon Dioxide that trees do. 
  • Only 8% of Americans say that Cannabis should not be legal. 
  • Legal cannabis has created more than 211,000 jobs in the US market. 
  • Even though legalization is making strides, the police in America make a cannabis related arrest every 45 seconds. 
  • Medical Marijuana has helped more than 90% of the people that have used it. 
  • There has still not been a reported death from a cannabis overdose! 
  • Europe is set to become the largest medical cannabis market in the world by 2027, with a budget od 1.3 trillion is health care spending. 

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