Hattie’s Holistic Healing

by Brittney Graham

When it comes to healing, holistic happens to be one of my favorites! Organic, clean, and good for the body, it is hard to beat. This can include natural whole foods, vitamins, physical exercise, stress management techniques, and so much I haven’t discovered. So, when I wanted to learn more about this field, who better to talk than Raquel Rogers, the owner of Hattie’s Holistic Healing? When she lost her mother to diabetes and congestive heart failure while finding herself with type 2 diabetes and overweight, Raquel started to research and attend nutrition classes.

Now, she is a certified healthcare coach, healthy, and no longer suffering from her diabetes. But, as she says in her own words, “I love, love and I want to include everyone.” and that means Raquel wants to share her healing abilities with those in need of them. The great news is she can achieve this in majority through her website www.hattiesholistichealing.net . It is important to note that everything offered through the site is 100% organically sourced. So much so, that I was able to get a glimpse of Raquel’s herb and vegetable garden and my grower’s heart rejoiced! From She even cultivates her own soil. Every product sold is also infused with Reiki as she is a level one practitioner.

Let’s talk healing, shall we? Here are a few products I was able to talk to the healer herself about that are offered through her website;

    • Immunity Blend Tea: It is a compounded tea consisting of elderberries and so many more effective herbs. It helps with raspatory issues and allergies. 
    • Chill Blend Tea: This blend will help you destress and rewind. It is not infused with any type of CBD or THC rather its distant relaxing cousins Lavender and Chamomile. Well, maybe not cousins but you get the point. Both teas are equally blended so you can use as little or as much as you want at a time and get consistency every time.
    • Milk Bath: This is offered in a lactose intolerant option as well which included coconut powder. Milk bath will pamper your skin and make it feel silky soft. Fun fact, Cleopatra was given milk baths every day of her life from the moment she was born until she was murdered. 

Raquel has many other things to offer in her shop other than products however. She also offers health coaching services to help people build the healthy lifestyle they deserve. You might want to think about subscribing to her newsletter as well. I have heard from a little bird that come the middle of this month; we might see the first Holistic Fair of Oklahoma. We’re talking vendors, food trucks, and full moons. Being a beacon for healing means creating a safe space for those in need of it and Raquel has done just that. 

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