I Won’t Take It


I Won’t Take It

By James Bridges

Advice.  It’s something I take lightly all too often.  It’s something I consider after the fact.  It’s something I cannot, for the life of me, stop diverting. It’s something I laugh about when I fail. It’s something I wish for even when I “win”.


“Your job is to observe and report.  Never join.”  That’s the current advice I am pondering.  The one piece of advice that was given to me in regards to this “circus” we call our community.

Right With It by James Bridges

They never took into consideration that I am like you. I am also confused.

Have you ever been in a situation when you knew exactly what was about to be discussed? You knew the outcome. You could sense the feelings of the people involved. You understand the process and steps completely and holistically of how you all got to that point? Did anything around you seem a little peculiar? Have you ever physically tingled from emotions so much that you cry and didn’t know why? Have you perhaps experienced an underlying relatable understanding between a group of like minded individuals that you are all “in-tune”, and actually mean it?

The ability to accomplish this multiple times daily without the use of heavy hallucinogens or mind altering drugs has led me to believe that actual true authentic life really does exist. I have absolutely ZERO personal issues with being part of that “circus”. 

The fact that I would most likely be a perfect candidate for an FDA approved mind altering drug to force me to forget those emotions and observations should be criminal.

There’s power out there. An energy.  One that we all know.  One that we all have denied at one point or another. 

We joined the circus a long time ago. The moment that our human bodies took its first breath.  

Witnessing someone trying to keep oneself from considering the fact that the circus is actual life would be much more of an entertaining act. Oh the drama… Those that deny and observe are merely not ready for what is at hand.

At times it’s strange to see someone act as “themselves”. One might even start to believe that authenticity is “fake”. It really makes you wonder who or what are these “fake” figures, and why do they keep popping up…

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