Cosmic Review 


Life Of Katz

Cosmic Review 

By Kathy Long-Barker

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Suuuper casual start here, 

So, remember in school when we’d come back from summer break and they would review us on what we learned last semester before they catapulted (hehe) us into the new stuff? Well it turns out adulting works the same way. 


For a little context, in 2019 I was a passenger in a pretty gnarly car accident that gifted me with an upper Cervical sprain, a bulged disk, and just a whole slew of issues mainly on my left side. In the midst of all that, I was steeping in some pretty heavy polarity tea involving my Mother. She resurrected some old wounds that I hadn’t transmuted yet. 


Fast forward to current events. I’m a passenger once more, traveling at 60mph towards a museum.

Quintessentially, it all happened so fast. A glance, a gasp, and then I was hit in the face by my airbag. My neck was screaming along with my ears as Johnny asked me over and over “Baby, Baby, are you ok?”

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Later that week I kept hearing through different spiritual communities that many were experiencing ascension symptoms by way of their left side. I noticed that even though I was on the right side of the car, it was my entire left side that ached with no reprieve. 

“Did I really need a car accident to tap into the collective’s ascending experience!?” I asked over the message boards saltily. 

A kind woman replied “the left side is associated with divine feminine and we’re currently purging as a planet. Do you have any female figures in your life that you need to forgive?”

‘Dammit.’ My eyes narrowed at the screen as I felt the ego begin to prickle. 

NO” It wanted me to say. Alas the truth of the matter was, two years had passed and my mother and I once again found ourselves disharmonic. And eerily enough, for similar reasons as the years before. 

A wild pattern has appeared!!


 The woman on the message boards could have said anything. How’d she pinpoint the biggest aggravation on my mind? 

I sighed at that thought knowing why. Like me, she too was the universe, a fractal of source. Everyone on the outside is a mirror regarding what needs to be addressed on the inside, and I needed to hear this. 


The very next day I sat down and  began a practice known as ‘Ho’oponopono’ 


Step 1: Repentance – say: I’m sorry.

Step 2: Request Forgiveness – say: Please forgive me.

Step 3: Gratitude – Say : Thank you. 

Step 4: Love – Say: I love you. 


The accident didn’t feel as heavy. Neither did my relationship with Mom. Something even weirder…my neck loosened up a little bit and then I got a call from my chiropractor saying my entire treatment had been anonymously paid for… 


The way you relate to your world is they way it will relate to you. Keep that in mind my dudes. 



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