Lotus Letters – “ITS TIME” 


Lotus Letters

By Kathy Long-Barker

Reach for your stars 


You jolt a bit, opening your eyes after hearing the strange voice. You were certain it was real. Blinking once or twice you find the hour is early, still. But how could you retire again after such a proclamation? Maybe a bit of light reading to relax you would be best. 

Dearest Daring Divine,

It’s time you began making strides of your own for contact. Do not wait for a bright beam to appear outside your window, nor a saucer in the distance. Though time isn’t linear, it’s still a concept you yourself are operating in. You’re not running out just yet, but let’s begin sooner rather than later!

Who you ask? Your star family of course. It’s time to phone home.

December Lotus Letter

Being a star seed typically comes with a pull to explore “what else is out there” deep within you don’t have to wonder, you know. Even if you can remember fully in this ‘now’ moment. TRUST yourself and all will fall into place. 

The veil between dimensions is thinning. Kind of like the barrier that keeps Midgard and Asgard from running together. We have the same barrier for now. All one needs to do is reach out with your thoughts. Your heart. Some call it praying, others call it meditation. Ask for guidance and you will receive an answer if you know how to listen. 

Signs your star family (guides, angels, passed loved ones) are communicating with you may come by way of ‘angel numbers’ they don’t always have to be triples of the same number, but that is very common for those who are just beginning to tap into otherworldly correspondence. When you become more familiar and trusting with your abilities, any sequence of numbers that are meant for you might spark a pulse, a nudge, or a gut feeling. If you feel called to google it, DOT IT! 💚

Another way they may choose to contact you is by audio waves. Maybe you walk into a room with a song on and you catch lyrics at the perfect time that speak to something you’ve been asking. The same with a movie or tv show. Maybe you turn on the TV and there is a character saying something you just feel was meant for you. 

It could be your dreams, strangers at the grocery store that are random AF but speak to your recent ponderings.

I suggest you simply use your voice in private moments. Start with your thoughts if you’re shy. If you need something physical, tarot cards are an excellent choice. Pendulums are also very helpful. But for these tools, you must trust yourself, lest the consciousness of ‘doubt’ tell you ‘it’s just a coincidence.’ There’s no such thing.

If you’re not sure what to ask, start with this: “Dear family, I’m reaching out hoping you’ll reach back. Please only love based interactions for the highest good of myself and all earth”

Fairfarren my love, until we read again.

  • The YOUniverse.

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