(Taking a look at Neurodivergence and Cannabis) By Kathy Barker Have you ever missed a stair in the dark? It’s like your heart stood up too fast, whilst being in the process of a dizzying white out blindness, before pulling on your lungs for support. SO. naturally, your chest tightens and you start sweating because […]

Lotus Letters

The Event By Kathleen Barker It’s the middle of the day and suddenly you can’t help but notice a sensation of anticipation. Something is different. Something’s headed your way and somewhere in your mind you get the strangest feeling akin to “Ah, finally.” upon opening the curtains you squint and ask yourself, “What the F***” […]

Validation station

Validation station By Kathy Long-Barker Let’s talk about the side of cannabis that isn’t as widely known. The anxiety ridden mind bending side. Many look at me funny when I tell them that possibility even exists.  “Man, I wish I had your tolerance, that’s what everyone wants!” Then I watch their faces fall into uncomfortable […]

Life Of Katz

Life Of Katz By Kathy Long-Barker GOOD MOOOOOOORNIN’ OK- LA-HOMA!! This is not a drill! This is the mass awakening! This is Rock’n’roll, to boldly channel our beloved Robin Williams. I miss you buddy, every damned day. OK!! Is it too early to be that capse locked? WOAH TOO LATE! Speaking of late, it’s never […]

Lotus Letters – Concede, observe, unshackle

Lotus Letters Concede, observe, unshackle By Kathy Long-Barker “You’re shaking,” Howligree mutters, taking your trembling cup and setting it down as she sits beside you. An almost motherly arm wraps around to your other shoulder and she gives you an understanding squeeze. Wiping away tears, you feel yourself start to disappear in your own presence, […]

Lotus Letters – Disclosure

Lotus Letters Disclosure  By Kathy Long-Barker Winding tunnels of light lead you aimlessly…you aren’t quite sure where you’re going, how you got here, or even where ‘here’ is, but it’s beautiful. Myriads of calydiscoping colors wrap you up in a warm sense of wellbeing and unconditional love. The next thing you know you’re waking up. […]

Lotus Letters – Heart smile

Lotus Letters Heart smile By Kathy Long-Barker “Another cup?” Came the waiting question. Howligree stared perplexed, blinking after a moment of silence. “I say, tea my good star, do you want more?” Blinking out of the zone you once floated through you nodded. After all why shouldn’t you? No time was a bad time for […]

Life Of Katz

Life Of Katz by Kathy Long-Barker   SALUTATIONS AND HELLO Welcome to the inner workings of my very Mercurian and Protean being. My name is Kat, and I have precisely four cats. Or as I like to call them ‘Keats’. I also create lots of cat inspired art. So here I am, sharing my life, […]

Lotus Letters

Lotus Letters By Kathy Long-Barker   The water is perfectly steaming as you slip down a bit more, your chin just beneath the surface. Peonies float amidst, and you almost forgot about the cedar plank in front of you, hosting your Rich chocolate tea, a warm cardamom candle and what’s this? Another letter awaits…   […]

July Lotus Letters

by Kathy Long-Barker   Proprium Creedence Feeling a little worn from the weight of societal egoic upkeep, you slump into the nearest chair, wanting nothing more than to take some tea and trudge off to bed. Sighing, you reach into your pocket and find something a little crumpled. It has a string…and a stamp. Another […]

Spring Cleaning Is Never Too Late

by Kathy Long-Barker Jaw tight and tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth, you notice your hands are shaking. Your brow is tinged with sweat and though no particular words can be deciphered from your intense and abrupt exclamation, the air around you seems to be swirling with the anxious notes of a strange […]