Lotus Letters: Making Love Mindfully

By Kathleen Long-Barker

Heavy sighs fall from your lips, brows knitted in a begging expression as you succumb to that silent scream of rapture. 

A kind of scream that can only result from being one with someone as you rock into and over them.

Not a simple presence of flesh on flesh. 

No, a mutual exchange of vulnerability, of trust. Of love.

Your fingers laced with theirs, trading off who’s pinned and who’s pinning. 

Trading breaths, training souls back and forth between pleasured bodies who want nothing more than to ensure each other knows the other as god incarnated right now. 

Dearest Daring Divine,

When you make love, are you running from something? Trying to escape? Or are you trying to connect, being present and aware?

I’m here to tell you it’s exceedingly important that you know which you’re doing, because it can mean all the difference in whether or not you’re channeling magic or being highjacked. 

When we’re young, our elders tell us that sex is sacred, that we should save it for someone special. Being young typically comes with naivety and we miss the truth in that statement. Instead the common course of action is rebellion. 

“Oh save it for someone special you say? Let’s give it away instead.”

Why? Because it feels good. 

And who doesn’t want to feel good?

We’re fueled by hormones and the genetic switch that says ‘MAKE BABIES’.

 And we deserve to feel good! Life is stressful.

But what a lot of us didn’t understand about our elders’ purposeful warning, was the very real threat to our energetic light body by opening ourselves up to just anyone sexually.

It’s not about ‘morals’ or being considered slutty versus chaste. 

It’s about the fact that sex is an energetic and auric exchange and mingling that opens you up and leaves you vulnerable to etheric parasites. A.K.A spiritual STD’s (sexually transmitted demons) 

Have you ever heard the phrase “everyone’s got their demons”? 

It’s a very real thing, everyone does have their demons. Unresolved baggage they carry around. Traumas, triggers, long term moods that follow them like psychic fleas! Even literal entities that have latched on and follow like a weighty shadow of stress, fatigue, and bitterness. 

Sex is sacred because it is the easiest way to connect to source consciousness. Also known as God, the higher self, the all. 

Whatever you personally want to call it, we connect when we make love. 

It’s euphorically divine!

Not to say that you shouldn’t have sex, or that casual sex is ‘the devil’. HA! Not at all. You do whatever you are moved to do.

 However, It may behoove you to consider being present when you’re melding with someone. Sharing souls, opening doors into each other. 

Because if you’re not practicing mindfulness, and you’re just using someone else to masterbate, (especially if you don’t have love with them) then dense frequencies have an easier time walking through and attaching themselves to yourself.

Fairfarren lovely souls, until we read again.

Thank you.