On The Dime, Every Time

By Kaylie Birdsong

This year Dime is looking forward to connecting with their consumers at the Cowboy Cup. As one of the Cowboy Cups greatest sponsors, Dime is excited to bring their unique vibes and flavors to the table. From handing out merch to introducing cannabis consumers to new flavors of their award-winning concentrates, the Dime crew is so excited to meet and connect with their loyal consumers.

Dime Industries are well known for their high-quality cannabis concentrates. They have made it their mission to search far and wide for the highest quality flower to produce the perfect terpene profiles. Each terpene profile is carefully thought out to create the most satisfying cannabis consumption experience for the modern consumer.

Dime offers a wide variety of concentrates from a variety of vape cartridges to sugar, diamonds, batter, crumble, and live rosin. Cannabis consumers say they opt to choose Dime vape cartridges over the competition for many practical reasons. One reason according to consumers is the zero-waste atomizer. The zero-waste atomizer is perfectly designed to make sure you get the most out of your cannabis consumption experience from start to finish. The Dime cartridge is also said to have inverted dual ceramic plates for optimal combustion and flavor preservation helping bring the mouth-watering flavors to life.

At Dime Industries Each flavor is specific to the strain making it easy for cannabis consumers to create a more personalized experience. Whether you’re on the go and in need of a pick-me-up or ready to wind down and relax, Dime has you covered. The intricate flavors and terpene profiles help carry you away to a higher place of being, leaving you fully satisfied every time.

Quality is important and Dime Industries makes this top priority. The Dime vape cartridges are all made with 100% solvent-free oil and cannabis derived terpenes to guarantee purity. Each cartridge also contains cannabinoid levels exceeding 90% making them extremely potent. Even the battery was well thought out by the producers at Dime. Every Dime battery is designed with industry-leading technology. Dime consumers often brag about the long-lasting battery and how it is perfectly engineered to work in unison with the Dime 1000mg vape tank.

Aside from the outstanding product quality, Dime offers exceptional customer service. Dime takes great value in their consumers and never hesitates when it comes to taking the extra step. To ensure a more personalized experience, Dime takes effort to step out into the community to educate and connect with their consumers. You may have seen Dime at a local event or two this year. If you’re looking for a great chance to connect and hang out with the Dime Industries crew, the Cowboy Cup 2022 is the perfect opportunity to do so. 

Dimes Director Of Operations Sarah Edwards says “We are looking forward to getting to meet the dispensary owners and people who love the Dime brand at this years Cowboy Cup! We will be adding a VIP section to our booth , doing multiple giveaways, and handing out exclusive Dime merch at this years event.”

Dime Industries since launching out of Tulsa in February of 2021 has been making big waves in the Oklahoma cannabis community. Dime is consistently on the hunt for new flavors and new ways to connect with the community. They take great pride in their product and aim to ensure their consumers can carry their products proudly and with confidence. Connecting with the consumers at the events helps to bridge any gaps between the consumer and producer. Dime does this by allowing consumers to ask the live crew any questions or concerns they may have about the products as well as offering education on any new products available.

Dime industries believes it is important to leave every customer satisfied. From their outstanding customer service to their mouth-watering products, Dime ensures quality Through and through. The only thing that is missing from this perfect equation is the perfect consumer and that is you! Be sure to stop by and hang out with the lovely Dime crew this December at this years biggest cannabis event The Cowboy Cup.