My Visit to the South- Black Market

by Veronica Castillo


I started consuming Cannabis on a regular basis, in 2015. At the time, Cannabis wasn’t legal in any way in Ohio. All of my purchases and consumption were compliments of the people that risked their freedom to get me my meds.  

I always had quality meds at what I felt were good prices. Back then, I didn’t know how to shop by eighth, half, ounce. I simply knew I had this amount of money, and wanted the amount of potent Cannabis flower that I could get for that amount. Thank goodness for Lydia who set me up with her people- compassionate, nice people, that didn’t take advantage of my lack of knowledge. 


The providers that educated me, allowed me to sample, and referred to me as their client. I will always be thankful and in support of that market. The system makes it so it exists and so, they deserve my support too. 

Which brings me to my purchase in Florida that made me a bit sad. I made a purchase of a half-ounce of what I was told was compliments of the Mecca. When I opened up the package- I knew it wasn’t the case. Anything from the Mecca has raging terpenes. The terpenes light up the block; this wasn’t the case.

When I broke it down, I saw minimal trichomes, hardly any highlights, and when I smoked it- I couldn’t taste anything. Now, I’ll admit that I still have a lot of the Mecca to experience but, I am confident in my taste buds and intuition- that flower did not come from the Mecca. 

I reached out to 1st Lady of the West Coast, a 10+ year cultivator, and the first woman/black woman with an exclusive line of strains. She sent me a screenshot of an Amazon feed that shows multiple options for the purchase of packaging products, labeled things like “cookies”, and other labels seen in the Mecca. 

I was floored! So, it seems that not everyone is being honest and that makes me sad that I spent Mecca prices on non-Mecca flower, and that some people are buying this same quality and really think that they are smoking the Mecca’s finest. This may be a thing, but it was really news to me.

This shouldn’t be happening, Cannabis prices should be set according to honesty. 

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