A Toke of Wellness: Herbs & Intimacy

The fast pace of todays society and all of our digital distractions can contribute to a feeling of disconnection from what’s truly important in life. This sense of disconnection directly affects our ability to be vulnerable and share intimate moments with loved ones. We might crave closeness with our loved ones and ourselves, but it may be hard for some of us to get in touch with and express our deepest emotions and intentions. As humans, we are hardwired for connection. At our core we are looking to feel heard, seen and accepted for who we are without shame or judgment. Current neuroscience research shows that feelings of disconnection share the same neural pathways as physical pain. Isolation, feelings of loneliness, and a lack of intimacy can feel like a physical injury. It is vital to overall wellbeing to have healthy and stable relationships in our lives.

Humans have been in communication and relationship to the plant kingdom since our beginning. Throughout history plants have played a significant role in assisting humans in adapting to our surrounding environments. On a personal level we can continue to harness the wisdom of plant medicine to help us to grow and evolve in our modern lives by finding intentional ways to incorporate herbs in all that we do. When it comes to intimacy, we need to look inside in order to address some more personal patterns, however leaning on herbal allies can offer assistance on the journey to understanding and developing more meaningful connections in general. Whether you’re looking for more shared emotional depth with close associations, intensified physical sensation and/or an overall amplified sense of intimacy with self and others, these are herbs that can help!

Roses personify love and passion. Rose works on the heart both mentally and emotionally through it’s high content of volatile oils. These oils attach to our mucous membranes through inhalation or ingestion and this communicates to our nervous system that we are safe to relax, slowing down our heart rate and softening tense tissue. Rose has an overall anti-inflammatory effect which can aid in a calm heart and mind, making space for vulnerability.

Damiana can be traced back to the Aztecs who used it to foster connection with a greater power, and with one another. It is very well known for it’s aphrodisiac properties, so much so that the traditional name is —T. aphrodisiaca. It has an ability to stimulate the nervous system which intensifies physical sensations and desires. Damiana often produces an uplifting and euphoric feeling within the body that can help to relieve anxiety and dissolve any dense feelings.

We spend our entire lives with ourselves. This truly is our most intimate relationship. Cannabis awakens our senses, and can encourage us to surrender to the present moment. This gives us access to our innermost truth, and increases our ability to feel pleasurable sensations. Cannabis helps activate our body’s parasympathetic state, bringing us into a more stable and relaxed internal environment. Combining Cannabis with select other herbs can intensify specific desired effects.

Try Them Together! Roll one up with equal parts dried ground rose petals, damiana, and your favorite relaxing cannabis strain. Enjoy with your lover or close friends to intensify and activate rich connection. We also encourage you to enjoy a mindful session on your own. Get in touch with your emotions and deepen your relationship with yourself. It is ultimatley the quality of the relationship with ourselves that provides the wellspring from which all of our other relationships benefit. 

Hannah is a practicing herbalist, nutritionist and Reiki master. She works with patients through her own business, Sacred Nourishment. She formulates the Highest Intent products. @hannahpearl.222. This information is Intended for educational purposes only, not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. If you are on any medication please consult a doctor or qualified professional before consuming any herbs.

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