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by James Bridges

It was late and I needed to go to sleep. 

I couldn’t allow my mind to settle, so I 

scrolled… Sticking out for me to push 

play was a look of passion as someone 

was recording themselves while driving.

“I don’t know if this is weird, but it’s really impromptu.” I watched the video as if I had stumbled upon an overlooked voice coming from somewhere within. “I’m 10 minutes into the drive back home and all I want to say right now is that if you’re fighting for something that you believe in, don’t quit fighting!” Summer was talking to the camera while wiping tears.

“Keep going,” Summer yelled. “Keep 

fighting for what you love.” 

Summer paused…

“My mom is so stubborn… I have been in her face letting her know that I was on cannabis.” Summer insinuated that her mother had previously been against the use of cannabis. “I kept talking about 

how it was making your state a whole lot of money and it’s making her daughter happier than she’s ever been in her whole life.” I noticed tears coming from the corners.

Translations By James Bridges


“Mymom took CBD for the first time to-night.” It seemed Summer had shown a light to someone by the look in her eye. 

“I know it may not seem like a big deal, 

but like my mom has a lot of health issues. All plant medicine, especially cannabis, is a huge passion for me. For my mother to actually drive me to a dispensary to buy her CBD is so insane to me.” 

I felt the need to contact Summer with some unanswered questions. After looking through her portfolio of artistry, which some seemed to come from divine inspiration, I wanted to know 

much more about the mind behind this 

self healer and amazing artist, Summer Rose.


My initial question was one that I felt 

would really give me a grasp of what 

inspires Summer. Summer told me that 

she dreamed of living, “in a forest with 

my cat. I would be growing the majority 

of my own food, and making art full time 

for my community.”Summer stresses the importance of one’s dreams, “Whether that be healing of the self, creating a space for open-

ness and vulnerability, or art that helps 

to destigmatize cannabis and shine a 

light on its monumental therapeutic effects.”


I was curious as to what she felt was stopping those dreams to come true. Summer thought as she responded, “I like to think nothing, but in all honesty I struggle with my energy levels due to 

depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD and chronic pain. I find that holding a job to make ends meet as well as having the energy to consistently be creative and make work is very difficult for me due 

to these issues. I often don’t have the physical/mental energy to create work.” Summer admitted, “This is scary to be so open about, but it’s also my passion and mission to create awareness 

around mental health issues. It is so incredibly important to put the health of your mind first. It is your root system from which every action and thought stems from. Just like cannabis, if her root system isn’t strong, then she won’t produce what she’s capable of. I’ve been working on my roots and don’t intend to let my struggles stop me, but to 

motivate me to inspire others.” 

Artwork by Summer Rose

I wanted to know more about Summers’ 

daily routines and how they fit well with 

her creativity. She responded, “The majority of my work inspiration comes to me in meditation. I’m not perfect, so I can’t say I do these things daily, but 

meditation is an integral part of my life and has been an absolute catalyst to my healing. When I began to sync my thought process and journey with the changing of the seasons and the cycles 

of the moon, I began to feel more connected to the earth, the cycles of life, and the ebb and flow of time. It made my life feel less chaotic and out of control. This universe shows us that it’s 

okay to not always be in a stage of visible growth, but that it’s just as important to turn inward into the dark, heal and re-emerge a better version of ourselves again. There is no light without darkness, of course. The trick is, you have to face the dark.”

Summer also goes by the title, “Weed 

Witch”. Summer explained, “I call myself a “Weed Witch” because cannabis is a guide for me. Just like other entheogens such as psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, and peyote, these plant medicines have been used for spiritual and physical healing for thousands of years. While I do believe it’s important to maintain a practice without using entheogen regularly, there is no debate on how groundbreaking these medicines can be for wellness when used in ceremony with intention and respect. 


Cannabis has been like a compassionate warm hand leading me into the parts of myself that I need to heal to be the best version of myself, and I will 

forever be grateful for her guidance.”Summer continued, “When I’m seeking to create a certain feeling in a piece of artwork, but can’t quite decide how, I sit with cannabis in meditation. I can’t really describe how, but it really helps to open those neural pathways to find the visual language I’m pursuing. I will sit with the feeling I wish to portray in my artwork, and the images and words 

begin to flow. I always make sure a notepad is right within reach! Cannabis truly is a great guide when used with intention.”


I asked Summer how cannabis helps her daily life. She said that there are, “So many reasons cannabis helps me. It has been such an important medicine for me on so many levels. It has helped 

with tension due to chronic anxiety. It has helped with insomnia, pain. It helps me to eat regularly, obliterating panic attacks, nausea and a multitude of other symptoms I experience.” “Most importantly it has helped me to heal my spirit by exploring my own mind and expressing it creatively through my 

work, my presence, and my words.”I asked Summer about the painting I wanted to use as the cover image for this magazine issue. Summer said, 

“It’s titled ‘Rise up’. This painting concept was about decay and rebirth. The never ending cycle that is death and regeneration on this earth. I used fungal spore patterning in the painting at the same size as the figure to insinuate that we are one in the same as this worldwide fungal network, built to rise 

up from decay.”


Find more of Summer Rose art and inquire about commissioning:

Instagram: srose.art & rayofsmoke


Artwork by Summer Rose

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