Smart Eating for Munchies Series Part 1, Breakfast and Morning Snacks



by Veronica Castillo


5 Breakfast and Morning Snack Options Focused on Health

There are some Cannabis strains out there that will increase, enhance, uplift- truly create what many call “the munchies. These strains carry a terpene profile that work in the body to create appetite. This is magical for some, but for others, this is no good.

But just like appetite enhancing strains, there are appetite suppressing strains. They really do exist, and the way to find them is to shop based on terpenes that cater to appetite suppressing. God Bud is one of those for me. 

For those of you that are struggling through the munchies- this series is for you. Some of us can’t pick up appetite suppressing strains because they don’t work for our conditions. I’m one of those people. I have chronic migraine and need extreme Sativa. Sativa always makes me hungry though so, I have to make good choices when the munchies strike. 

This series is dedicated to healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks options. Easy to create meals with a recipe guide. I have to say early on that this is a vegan series- as indicated but- have no fear. Plants are generally the best way to eat for many of us. Plant lifestyles are the way!

3 Recipes and 2 Morning Snack Idea’s for the Wake and Bakers 

Fruit and Veggie Smoothies


• 1 cup frozen strawberries

• 1 frozen banana

• 1/2 cup frozen mango

• 1 Small Avocado

• Your choice of ¼ cup of fruit juice or nut milk

• Your choice of protein

Black Bean Tofu Tacos


• 1 can of black beans- warmed on stove

  •       Half of a tofu block- pressed to remove water- crumbled (added in with the beans)

• Season the beans and tofu with taco seasoning while warming/cooking

• Chop your favorite veggies- including cilantro- season with a little salt and pepper (tomatoes, onions, and peppers used in photo)

• Flour tortillas or for carb control- low carb tortilla’s

• When the beans are finished, layer and enjoy!

Potato, Tofu, and Tomato Bake 

  • A block of pressed tofu- chopped/crumbled and seasoned
  • 3 potatoes- cut in small blocks and seasoned
  • Your choice to add: bell peppers, onions- basically any veggies you want. 
  • Put all of this in a baking dish- covered
  • Bake on 350 covered for 30 min- uncovered for 10-15 min.
  • And here you just created a dish that can feed you for a few days


  • Baked peaches/ apples/ pear- no crust- use pie concept for flavor- no sugar- use agave instead.
  • Trail mix.


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