Strain of the Month: March 2021


by James Bridges | Herbage Magazine



Sativa Dominant Hybrid

2.79%   Terp

20.98% THC




Hyper Awareness

Appetite Suppressant


Bored.  Sometimes I get that way with my meds.  Just boring ole meh, yeah it works, medicine.

So it’s time to hunt.

Shuffling through the lists of strains to try can get a little overwhelming.  Luckily I know just the remedy.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… Slymer is the way to go.

Someone told me once that if I can find a strain that shakes the dust off a tired brain as well as give you an uplifted euphoric high then they would bow down to me and say they were wrong.

Get those knees ready.

I was no longer bored.  Once my decision was made Slymer organically became the perfect choice.  I was able to no longer imagine myself cuddled in a bed and doing literally nothing to actually looking forward to my next tasks..  I was very hyper aware without being too uncomfortable.  The haze between the eyes is such a pleasant feeling.

The only downside, if you want to call it one, is that I actually had to have several conversations with myself reminding me that I need to eat.

Want to get things done and still enjoy the most out of your meds?  Try Slymer.  Not to be confused with Slimer.  Ask for it to be grown by

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