Lotus Letters

Getting Played by Lady Luck? Take Your Power Back!

by Kathy Long-Barker

Wake up Starseed…The matrix is breaking.

“It seems to me you have all the information. Why ask me?” Inquired the cat cheerily, before taking a slow gratifying sip of tea. The scent of bergamot whirled through the dimly lit space as she awaited a response… after a few moments, her brows pulled together in an expression of understanding.

“You don’t remember do you?” She asked in a near whisper of awe. The candles flickered with that implication.

The ominous air dissipated as quickly as it had come, and before any sense could be made of where she procured them, she hands you a stack of weathered-looking letters with your name on the top left corner.

“It’s Time to revisit your inner knowing,” she suggests warmly.

Dearest daring divine,

My Earthly excursions have continued to be nothing short of exceedingly intriguing. I thought I might share some of my acquired knowledge to pass the times, as currently, they are so strange.

Let’s talk about ‘LUCK’ Versus ‘ Serendipity’. In my experience, I’ve found that one is a limiting belief based in the realm of chance, polarity, and codependency whilst the other is an empowering belief based on divine trust and sovereignty.

Women of War, by Tab Moura

Here in the month of March it’s nigh impossible to avoid themes of “luck”. Shades of emerald, shamrocks, charms, and even an entire Irish citizen are celebrated to call in good fortune. Yet in the very same month, an ominous shadow is cast over the land in the occurrence known as “ The Ides of March.” The dreaded middle of the month when throughout history, terrible incidents, or rather BAD LUCK, have previously and still are expected to ensue.

Holy hash, that doesn’t sound pleasant…I mean, damn. Putting it simply, in order to possibly be lucky we need to depend on things like rabbits’ feet and unopened umbrellas; that may or may not render aid? We could still be UNLUCKY!? Furthermore not only in March, but any time we dip our toes into this tricky realm?! If you ask me it seems like a cheap ploy to make us believe we have control in this projection of reality. If your peace and prosperity require things outside of yourself, you are not in control. You’re giving away your power by means of attachment. Example: “I am in need of this rabbit foot to be abundant”

Look at this whole ass mess of a sentence. Let’s fix it.

“I am abundant” See? When you don’t depend on the thing, you’re left with yourself in alignment. I assure you, you’re more than enough to get the job done.

Remember. Where your focus goes, that is what you are actively engaging in within YOUR reality (that’s why it’s called the youniverse). So, if you believe that the only way you’re going to receive good fortune or ward off bad fortune is by patting your shirt pockets five times, spinning one counterclockwise rotation on the spot, and spitting on the ground… well honestly I’d just giggle.

Moving on, I’ll tell you I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy the consciousness of serendipity instead of our previously mentioned mechanism. Serendipity isn’t dependent on anything. the only way you can negate it is by being inauthentic! Yeesh, who would want to do that anyway?

Unlike ‘luck’ you can’t search for serendipity, you can’t win it over or get in its favor. It shows up on its own terms when we least expect it, when a flow state is occurring within us. A perfect alignment with our highest timeline and good.

Incidentally, what a better time to observe this phenomenon than now? For, this month brings ZERO planets in retrograde. Now of course that is divine design in the grand scheme of things. However, to the freshly waking Starseed who is relearning the cosmos, it’s a perfect example.

Now hang on! I’m not saying let’s set the clover fields ablaze and bulldoze the rabbit foot factory! (kidding about the rabbit foot factory. I see any of you chopping bunny toes, expect continual fork on plate scraping in your vicinity, loudly, for-ev-er)

I’m no stranger to enjoying festivities of a concept akin to luck for fun. Or engaging in a tangible ritual as a means of stepping into the frequency of abundance. After all, we are tangible beings. It’s nice to be able to use our senses when manifesting. It’s just important to be aware that it’s not necessary. All you need to live your best life is you.

Ever-evolving love to you, The Youniverse

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