The black tie

~ James Bridges

There it was.  Right there on the bicycle rider.  

Flashes of jarred memories scream past.  

His skin was burnt.  Greasy hair flipped to one side, bluejeans, a white t-shirt, and that damn red backpack.  It stuck out like a freshly healed thumb.  

What was inside of it?  I imagined his smalls that were always lurking in the bottom of that thing.  Clippers.  Maybe a knife or two. 

I imagined what I would stow away inside of a red backpack as I traversed through town on a bicycle.  

Then I understood the romance that was developing inside of my head with the thought or idea of what this poor random bicycler had inside of that backpack.  The energy that was focused on that notion was absurdly… not appropriate.  But I still wanted to know.  Of course…

What if there were reading glasses inside of the bag and a notebook?  He is a world traveler that documents his observations and NEVER tells anyone..

What if he had a special coin inside of the bag?  The coin was given to him by someone very special.  That coin represents a piece of a soul to him.  He carries it nestled inside of that red backpack.

What if he was once a large corporate “money man” and now he is on his life quest to find himself and the only thing that he has inside of that back is a picture to remind him of that quest?

What if I were given the opportunity to try a product called BLACK TIE by M’s Farm and was in the perfect whole-body high experience that allowed me to dive into this romance with the elusive contents, which I shall never know, that live inside of a red backpack?  

That’s what just happened.  I would recommend you give it a go…

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