Dab Love

by Tab Moura

I have yet to find something that touches my nerve pain quite like dabs do, I think I’m in love. Have y’all dabbed recently? Oh my gosh, I am coming back from a dab sabbatical and it’s as reliable as ever.

Ready to Regulate, by Tab Moura

My first dab is a fuzzy memory. I was with my best friend/business partner and our cannabis mentor, Dr. Nelson, and that’s pretty much all I remember. My first experience inhaling flower is also a blurry experience; and edibles, and oils, and topicals… it’s pretty much all a blur. And to be honest, I did it wrong. (I don’t even want to talk about how I messed up with the lotion…) The point is, medicating with cannabis is very hands-on, and there is no substitution for practice. Learning your comfort level, learning your tolerance level, learning the methods that will best support your complaints… it’s a lot.

I didn’t originally want to try Concentrates. My brain fog was already so bad, I needed every fragment of a brain cell I could muster. My body was suffering, if I was honest with myself, I didn’t want to function… functioning hurts. But I needed to lay better groundwork to be able to manage my pain, brain fog *and* my children. Smoking flower wasn’t affordable at that pain level. Edibles didn’t help with my acute pain. I could go on… I’ve tried so many methods.

What I need to do *with* my time is valuable, so medicating properly for my lifestyle is really the only way to truly help my body heal. If I had stopped at that first experience, I would have missed out on a lot of valuable experience learning how to medicate my body properly. Today I rely on dabs, exclusively, for my pain management. If I believed all of the pre-judgments, like “concentrates are too connnceeentrrratted, how could that be “medicinal?” Or my favorite, “Obviously they were just invented to help people get high faster.”

I get it. They are concentrated. They do flood your endocannabinoid system rather quickly— but these things make the delivery method quite medicinal. Some medical conditions have intense nerve pain, which can require an acute approach, like dabs, to manage. Some people have metabolism problems that prevent them from breaking down edible forms of cannabis. I could go on.

Whatever your reason is, even just to unwind, the plant is going to reach deep into your endocannabinoid system and support your body… because that’s just how cannabis works. But never underestimate the value of investing in better groundwork. Would a strategic cannabis plan help you save money? Would it help you reduce your uncomfortable experiences? Would it help you better manage your health? Are you ready to feel consistent relief? Herbage has a few cannabis educators and wellness mentors that we partner with, I highly recommend checking them out.

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