The Cannxiety Chronicles Part 2…

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by Charles Duncan 

The Cannxiety Chronicles Part 2…

   Welcome back my friends. Welcome to 2022. Anxiety will be on the menu. So, in a small attempt to help those already experiencing Anxiety symptoms and especially the record number of people experiencing Anxiety for the very first time, I bring you The Cannxiety Chronicles Pt. 2. My 6 Part offering to those who may be looking for more information on how cannabis might help in alleviating their symptoms.       

     First, let me make it very clear. I am not a doctor or medical professional in any way, shape or form. I am just your average middle aged guy who happens to have used cannabis for the last 35 years. I will argue that I have probably absorbed more information on cannabis by doing my own research over the last three and a half decades than I would have received by anything available to the medical or pharmaceutical professions. They were just not interested in cannabis unless it was discussing how to campaign against its use.

     Last month we opened the conversation regarding Anxiety and Cannabis by discussing how it tackles tremors. How specific neurotransmitters in your body, specifically GABA,  and compounds in cannabis, in this case THC and CBD, work together to help the Central Nervous System “calm” the body during certain tremor events.

     This month I thought it would be interesting to discuss a controversial subject. Using cannabis to boost your energy. I know, that sounds nothing like what you see portrayed in Movies or TV shows. The “stoner” is usually clueless, hungry and lethargic. This stereotype is not only wrong, it’s dangerous. Aside from just being incorrect, it also provides fuel for parents who refuse to entertain its use and for politicians who actively campaign against it. There are people right now who are suffering needlessly because of a stereotype that’s not taken seriously due to its comedic value. 

     Ironically one of the common symptoms of Anxiety is Fatigue. Again, not inline with the stereotype for those with Anxiety but true nonetheless. This should also be a lesson on why stereotypes should be prohibited, not cannabis. 

     In the cannabis world, Indica is typically connected to strains that make you more mellow and sleepy. Sativa is typically associated with strains that give you a boost of energy. 

     For those suffering from anxiety induced fatigue, the key to relief just might be finding that certain Sativa Dominant Strain. Not every strain works the same for everyone else. Nor does every strain name act the same when grown by different growers. This is typically when I like to discuss Phenotypes and the importance in finding and following growers you like more than strain names. But this month’s article is about using cannabis to help alleviate feelings of fatigue. 

     One of the first things you should look at when making your cannabis purchase is the Terpene profile. Remember from class, Terpenes are the oils contained in plants and spices that provide the aroma. A high percentage terpene count, say 4% or more, will generally reflect a well grown plant as well as a memorable smoke. I used to smoke traditional tobacco pipes and the aroma was the beginning and end to most purchases. While other factors should go into your cannabis purchase, the proper terpene profile is important. 

     Pinene is a terpene that provides alertness and increased energy. Limonene is another tepene known for its ability to be a mood lifter and provide a sense of motivation. These two terpenes can be found in a lot of famous strains. Two of my favorites to use when seeking energy (creative or physical) are Super Silver Haze and Acapulco Gold. 

Next Month in Part 3 we will talk about using cannabis for specific symptoms related to depression. And yes Anxiety and Depression are not the same. Another one of those annoying stereotypes again. See you next month friends.    

-Uncle Chuck   




Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan

A middle aged cannabis advocate living in central Oklahoma. 

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