The Hustle for Bliss, Naturally

by Jessi Lane, Patient Advocate

Marissa Benson is a girl from the Plains with big time dreams and the relentless hustle to facilitate her goals. She specializes in terpene aromatherapy with her brand Maribliss Essentials, offering “scents you love, affects you feel.” 

Maribliss can be purchased in over one hundred and forty retail locations across four states, each of those relationships forged and nurtured by Marissa herself. Additionally, her reputable all-natural product line is sold through the Maribliss Essentials website as well as in Marissa’s fresh new Broken Arrow retail location. “They’ll never be able to say I didn’t give it my all,” she says. In 2020 Marissa, a dutiful mom and wife – a Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy & EKG Tech certifications – found herself a budtender gig at Hamilton’s Buds and Bloom in Broken Arrow. It was there she began her entrepreneurial journey with the launch of Maribliss Essentials.

All Maribliss products are handmade in Broken Arrow. “We are all about natural healing with natural products,” she says. Her all-natural 1,000mg THC free cannabis derived terpene roll-ons are made using a hemp and almond oil base. Clients with nut allergies may reach out to Maribliss and Marissa will customize a personalized blend. Maribliss bath bombs are made with water soluble colorant. Unlike her big box competitors like Target, she tells social media followers no sensitivity issues have been reported with her boutique bath bombs. With a forty-five minute burn time, Maribliss incense sticks are handmade and free of chemicals, toxicants, and soot. Comprised of only highly concentrated terpenes and Di Propylene Glycol oil – the nontoxic industry standard – Maribliss incense sticks are surely the healthiest alternative to mass-produced incense. According to PerfumersWorld.com, “DPG oil is virtually odorless. [It is] Interesting as a versatile solvent as it mixes with most essential oils but is also water soluble. [It] Acts as stabilizer for compounds. (2021)” 

Maribliss Essentials cannabis derived terpenes are Full Spectrum. What does that mean to Marissa? “Full Spectrum to me means that we use the full terpene profile from that strain into our products. No terpenes are left out! Our clients can rely on getting the benefits that they are looking for and depend on without the psychoactive effects.” Marissa reminds followers, “Many terpenes are bioactive. This means they may affect the body. Inhaling the scents from some plants and essential oils may affect a person’s mood or stress levels. The effect will vary based on the concentration of the terpene itself and how a person uses it.” Of the historical use of terpenes in aromatherapy, HighFallsHemp.com relays, “[Mono]Terpenes can be traced to the introduction of Camphor in Eastern Europe by the Arab [people] in the 11th century as a treatment for illness and pain – even as a fumigant during the Black Death era. (2022)” The layering of complex cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes does play an integral role in one’s personal wellness maintenance, as does one’s method of consumption. “If [cannabis consumers] are needing to add more to their medicine, using our product will enhance the entourage effects. This is because you are getting double benefits of the terpenes from Maribliss products and your medicine, leaving you with a full body homeostasis,” says Marissa. 

Because she understands the importance of varying consumption methods, the lavish product line of Maribliss Essentials includes bath bombs, shower steamers, and fizzing bath – or foot – soaks for decompression and rejuvenation. When it comes to soaking as a method by which to consume terpenes, scientists with BasicMedicalKey.com tell us, “Rectal and vaginal dosage forms aimed to obtain a local effect are, from a biopharmaceutical viewpoint, comparable with dermal preparations. However, it should be known that after rectal and vaginal application a greater part of the active substance may reach the general circulation than after cutaneous [dermal] application. (2017)” Marissa offers terpene dermal roll-ons for immediate relief from stressors. She also formulates incense sticks, 100% soy wax candles, wax melts, and terpene diffuser oil to set the tone and ambiance for one’s surroundings. One client wrote of the bath soak, “I was recently given some of the Grandaddy Purp bath soak and I cannot be happier. My tired, teething baby slept all night after his bath. Even my husband commented on how quickly it calmed him down!” With many of Marissa’s raving online reviews covering the positive effects clients received from the Grand Daddy Purp formula used in Maribliss’ various products, it’s sure to be one of her best sellers. 

Maribliss Essentials is on a direct course for boutique aromatherapy domination, however true to herself, Marissa remains ever kind and humble. “My goal in the future is to be able to grow Maribliss as big as I can and be able to provide security and freedom for me and my family.” She goes on to say, “I also want to be able to provide help to people who need it one day!” An Oprah Winfrey quote resounds with her. “Be thankful for what you have, and you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have you will never, ever have enough.” The next time you are in Broken Arrow, stop in Maribliss at 1433 E. Kenosha St, for a personal reset. Or when next shopping your local dispo, peruse the nonTHC inventory and look for the Maribliss Essentials terpene profile wheel. Grab a Maribliss bath soak or roll-on and layer your way to bliss.

Jessi Lane, Patient Advocate is a writer and Oklahoma cannabis industry professional since 2018. She is a Certified Cannacian III and Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant with a “full spectrum” Postpartum Wellness background.