Universal Cannabis 101: The History pt.2 


Universal Cannabis 101 

The History pt.2 

by Jasmine Harvey



Who knew the Cannabis Sativa plant had such a rich history!? With this lovely lady being at the forefront for many medicinal uses and spiritual practices there is no wonder why it has remained a staple in many cultures. 


According to a Chinese legend, the emperor Shen Nung, considered the Father of Chinese medicine, discovered cannabis’ healing properties during the Han dynasty. With the wide growing awareness of cannabis fast forwarding to 1563 when Hemp was highly sought after, Queen Elizabeth required everyone with more than 60 acres of land to grow Hemp. 

In 1890 Queen Victoria was prescribed Cannabis by her physician to treat the pain from period cramps. Cannabis became an important crop for many due to its many uses and value. With the ever growing knowledge on Cannabis there started to be more experiments to test all the different uses for Cannabis/Hemp. In 1942 Henry Ford constructed an entire vehicle made out of hemp and soybeans that ran on a hemp-soybean mixture for fuel.


As you can see we are just scratching the surface for the many uses of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Coming up next are the complexes of the Cannabis Sativa plant.


Let’s dive deeper into the vast universe of Cannabis, until next time!

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