Washington State Cannabis Vacay- Brands to Lookout for When Visiting




Washington state is so green and lush with its snow top mountains, oceans, bays, lakes, and forests. It’s no wonder Seattle is known as Emerald City. This is because the city is filled with greenery all year round, even during winter. The nickname comes from all the green- LITERALLY- because I am also talking- Cannabis.

Pacific Northwest vacations, specifically Washington state means- deciding if you want ocean or nature. Interstate-5 sort of separates the two. West of Interstate-5 holds the pacific coast. East of Interstate-5 holds forests and reservations. But- that’s not totally accurate because- you’ll find a blend of ocean and forests west of Interstate-5 depending where you are in the state. It is important to note that the Washington state cannabis scene is very much a craft industry.

It is also home to the original Hempfest.

Here is where you can be on the coast and shop dispensaries like Freedom Market – Port Ilwaco, and buy $10 eighths with 22%+ THC potency. Washington is home to the annual International Kite Festival, Long Beach Rodeo, and Rod Run Cruise. It can be really nature and chill or very fast-paced and crowded. Here are some of my favorite Washington state Cannabis brands:

The Happy Cannabis Collection– because they grow one of my favorites- KGB and because they gave me my first tour of a Cannabis farm.

Ceres– because I love their tincture options and the information, they share on their product packaging- really informative.

4.20 Bar– because I love their infused chocolates packed with 10 MG of THC each.

Liberty Reach– always affordable and their flower is always packed with a punch.

Artizen– I love their pre-rolls!


Washington state has some dope Cannabis at really affordable prices. In my opinion, the state’s people embrace Cannabis, and the state- well, Cannabis semi-legal here. It’s legal to purchase at dispensaries- but it cannot be grown at home recreationally.

Canna-cationers would have no problem though if 21 years old and older.

Written by Veronica Castillo