Exploration of Cannabis/ Hemp- Washington State



Home to black bear, berries, and dope Cannabis, Washington is an amazing place to whale watch, travel by ferry, and be with nature. I live my life on the road but Washington state was a temporary home for a little under a year; it was an interesting experience. Different than Oregon, but not far off, Washington was my first Cannabis farm visit experience– at Sound Cannabis. Washington was also the first place that I purchased a $10 eighth.

And this state introduced me to KGB- one of my all-time favorite strains.

Though a gloomy place, Washington had its gorgeous days that made me appreciate everything. I spent gorgeous- 75 degree- days on the beach in Washington. And when that wasn’t enough to get happy during the gloom- whales would show up to make my day. When the gloom was too much for even the whales, Cannabis saved the day. Very much like Oregon, Washington Cannabis dispensaries are on every other block or so but, this isn’t the same for rural areas. In places like Long Beach which are much smaller than Seattle, there aren’t dispensaries on every other block.

But, this changes in cities like Seattle, here you will find many dispensaries.


The state of Washington has The Dope Show, Kush Tours, The Cannabis, and 420 friendly lodgings and camping. Something important to keep in mind- Washington state doesn’t allow homegrown unless medicinal. Recreational Cannabis cannot be grown at home. It’s one of those- legal but not places right now.

Overall, the gloom made it hard for this born and raised Floridian- but some people love it! Also, the fear of black bears kept me from truly exploring nature. My Washington state Cannabis exploration turned into this being the place that allowed me to slow down, connect, learn, and smoke an eighth a day.

I mean, at $10 per- who wouldn’t?

Written By: Veronica Castillo