Weed Wisdom

by Tab Moura

“Yesterday I was clever, so I chose my own weed. Today I am wise, I let the weed choose me.”

It’s catchy, right? This is a silly rhyme I say to myself while I’m shopping at my favorite dispo. When I’m browsing the shelves, and the sales, and the terps, I can get a little overwhelmed by my options. My budtenders greet me by name, as though we’re in an episode of Cheers, and I am Norm. I love cannabis because I deeply appreciate how flexible and strategic this plant can be. Cannabis has been the answer to many dilemmas with my health, but cannabis therapy isn’t always smooth sailing.

Interesting fact: when I began plant medicine, I discovered I was sensitive to CBD. The long story short is that my neck muscles would relax and could not properly support my head, due to my cervical instability; the CBD would relax my muscles and then I would drop— lights out. I know that this may seem alarming, but let me reassure you that this is directly linked to my diagnosed neck degeneration, not the safety of cannabis. My symptoms would stop when I used a neck brace, so we knew we found our culprit. Because of this, I discovered I could use THC dominant concentrates to avoid my neck issues. That’s right, dabbing to the rescue.

Once my physical therapy and muscle building had made enough progress, I was able to reintroduce CBD in moderation, I can now use it to treat my seizures.

*whew, this chick is a hot mess*

The truth is, my experience with CBD sensitivity taught me to truly appreciate the differences in strains and profiles. I love how some strains are just so great for pain relief, and some are great for focus, or sleep. I’ve discovered I have to be picky about some things. I like that we have the technology to medicate with things like resin and wax. I love that plant medicine was the answer even when plant medicine was the problem. Yesterday I was clever, so I chose my own weed. Today I am wise, I let the weed choose me.

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