Anything But Old Timey

Anything But Old Timey

Anything But Old Timey

By Carisa Rowe

From Route 62, The Lettuce Bar resembles a modern roadside saloon. Under a shady awning supported by cedar beams and railing sits a quaint covered wagon, intended to let weary travelers know they are invited to stop and sit a spell. The blue, flat-topped storefront is embellished with the company’s beautifully lettered logo. One that harkens to saloon nostalgia. The nostalgia doesn’t stop once inside, however this saloon is anything but “old timey”.

Chet Tucker’s vision for The Lettuce Bar is to present a unique experience in an engaging atmosphere that is tailored to every shopper. This locally owned cannabis dispensary features a posh gift shop and comfortable lounge area. Visitors can find novelties, décor, clothing, local goodies, and more. They carry CBD products and some consumption devices. 

Behind the reception desk is a pair of swinging wooden doors that open to reveal a cozy saloon. Dispensary visitors are invited to pull up to the beautifully finished bar and visit with the company’s Cannicians about their treatment needs. Above the bar, many sparkling flutes hang, filled with samplings of the flower they offer for purchase. The custom, corked glassware showcases Oklahoma’s finest cannabis craftsmanship, and the team is always happy to offer up a sniff.  

Chet and staff know that to truly facilitate healing, they must be able to understand their patients’ needs. They work diligently to educate patients about the benefits of various cannabis therapies and how they work. They maintain comprehensive information regarding the top-grade products they carry in store, ensuring that patients can count on them for trustworthy medicine.

The Lettuce Bar is also home to a boutique cultivation facility that supplies the dispensary with much of the flower purchased by their patients. In addition to offering their harvests direct to consumers, The Lettuce Bar features a rotation of products from industry peers. Chet values the hard work of cultivators and processors from around the state and rotates an array of local cannabis craftsmanship on the shelves of The Lettuce Bar. Offering variety helps their shoppers get the most comprehensive cannabis education possible.

By developing an informed consumer public, The Lettuce Bar sets the stage for broader cannabis acceptance – a key component in the effort to destigmatize cannabis use and its important role in wellness. Informational popups and patient drives are among the tools they are developing for their patients. The cultivation facility is undergoing expansions that will allow them to research and develop cannabis varietals designed to treat specific illnesses. The Lettuce Bar is earning much respect in the cannabis community and among their consumers for offering curriculum and workshops that teach the public about cannabis, CBD, and whole health practices like good nutrition and fitness. 

They look forward to expanding these efforts to highlight local craftsmen and brands from around Oklahoma. In the tree-lined fields adjacent to the facility, Chet envisions a space that hosts carnivals, concerts, and festivals where area residents and travelers can convene for fun, wellness, and connectedness.