Launching Legit Biz In The Wild Wild West of Weed


Launching Legit Biz

In The Wild Wild West of Weed

By Carisa Rowe

In under two years, Kosmik Brands has launched itself into the stratosphere. Based in Edmond, Kosmik was the first Oklahoma cannabis brand to expand outside of state lines, with operations in Michigan and Nevada. Kosmik Kirk, one of the founding members of the company, credits this expansion to the hard work of several teams working in tandem to produce cannabis products that are out of this world. 

The company offers dozens of edibles to their consumers and are always working to create more tasty options. When launching, Kosmik Brands knew they had to make a big impression or risk getting lost among their competitors. To earn consumer loyalty, the lab and kitchen crews labor endlessly over consistency. To date, the company has invested more than two million dollars into research and development that has resulted in THC edibles with unmatched taste, texture, and quality. Their first product, The Black Hole, offers consumers 1,000 milligrams of premium THC in a package of ten flavorful gummies. This potent edible provides an affordable dosing option for cost-conscious patients with a high cannabinoid tolerance.

Kosmik’s team has gone on to perfect nearly two dozen edibles to suit a variety of tastes and dosing needs and they continue to create more. Kosmik Brands offers the Supernova, a 500-milligram package with a classified flavor so enticing they keep it classified. The Kosmik Blaster line is available in 100-milligram or 250-milligram packs, available in sweet or sour flavors. They also offer limited run flavors like Karamel Apple, Chocolate Kovered Strawberry, and Peanut Butter Jelly. Notably, the grape jelly flavored center is Kirk’s personal contribution to the line. 

Kosmik Brands is the first Oklahoma-based cannabis company to make the leap across state lines. Their standards for consistency have earned them licenses in Michigan and Nevada. 

Kosmik’s employees are bright stars in the company’s universe, acting as beacons for curious cannabis consumers. Their outstanding approach to cannabis acceptance includes installations such as Klub Kosmik, an intergalactic mobile party that will be throwing down at this year’s Cowboy Cup. 

Fans of the brand should be on the lookout for Kosmik Kirk to appear in ‘Cowboys of Cannabis’ this fall. The breakthrough show pulls back the curtain on what really goes on behind the scenes in Oklahoma’s rapidly evolving cannabis industry. The show follows Oklahoma’s larger-than-life cannabis players – like Kirk, through the excitement, hardships, and victories of conducting business in the wild west of weed.