Life Of Katz


Life Of Katz

By Kathy Long-Barker

GOOD MOOOOOOORNIN’ OK- LA-HOMA!! This is not a drill! This is the mass awakening! This is Rock’n’roll, to boldly channel our beloved Robin Williams. I miss you buddy, every damned day. OK!! Is it too early to be that capse locked? WOAH TOO LATE!

Speaking of late, it’s never too late to peer behind the veil. You can do it in every now moment. After all, time is a joke! HA!

Talk about a man made construct to keep us boxed in, I mean c’mon! How long are we gonna fall for this stuff? I tell you enough is enough. Which brings us to the next expression of oppression in the ‘Courtiers Of The Matrix Reign’ “The King”! Dun dun dun – dun dun dun ♫

Disclaimer: take or leave any of these descriptions. It’s simply my interpretation of my own art.

Here we have the effigy of a “tall dark and sinister ugly man” or sphynx rather, continuing with RW quotes. Four arms suggest a strong sense of confidence in this courtier, which goes right along with charisma. Every politician, actor, CEO, all ooze confidence which makes it exceedingly difficult to challenge or oppose them. They’re good at manipulating their subjects into states of smallness, as we can see with poor Bartok, pain, panic, and the hyenas. In one of his right hands dangles the one ring to rule them all. The object of temptation to both mortal and immortal alike. In one of his left hands he exhibits Jafar’s Cobra staff of hypnosis. This dude is seriously red flagging over here. For source frequencies sake, look at his third eye. IT’S THE EYE OF SAURON!! Yikes.

Below and to the viewers left crawls the corrupt mechanical child from Toy Story. Look up rumors on the voice actors is all I’m sayin.

Moving right along. To the viewers right and behind, we have chernabog the ever intimidating darkness, but don’t worry he just wants to show off his nails. So misunderstood and hated. The dark isn’t necessarily bad. It is what it is. An agent of chaos that makes movement. Back to the left we have an- other token from the story of toys: the zombie-ish jack in the box which holds the Fates of Olympus in a crystal ball, bearing a golden thread. The thread of life. Seems to me a lot of our lives and fates are chosen and oppressed by those of the dark. Hmm. interest- ing. Maybe we should change that narrative. Just above them hover Ursulas Eels Flotsam and Jetsam which were known to groom and coerce a tender mermadian youth into signing her voice away for what to her appeared to be a more aesthetically pleasing form. Gee, that sounds familiar by today’s standards.

Keep looking around you at everything you think you know. What secrets are being whispered? Going along with this piece, here’s my little king and loving guide, Keaton! He’s very talkative, and enjoys making biscuits on my tummy.

Artwork by Kathy Long-Barker