The Feminine Divine, Healing with Plants and Crystals: Utopic Vibes

The Feminine Divine, Healing with Plants and Crystals: Utopic Vibes

 by Veronica Castillo 

Both recognized as “alternative medicine” (which is crazy because both are natural, coming directly from earth; whereas man made lab pills are considered actual medicine), cannabis and crystals are utilized and consumed for multiple healing reasons: mind, body, and soul. 

In the western hemisphere, which is where The United States of America is, we generally weren’t, and still are not taught about healing with crystals. And I suppose in a country that wants man made pills to be the main source of “medicine”, why would they?

But as I learned from Kristine D. Carlos, in her thesis: Crystal Healing Practices in the Western World and Beyond: 

“Humans have been using crystals for various healing and ritual reasons for centuries. Both geographically and culturally, a diverse range of groups have turned to crystals and gemstones to address diverse needs over the millennia. While the oldest legends of crystal magic date back to the mythical ancient continent of Atlantis, whose people allegedly used crystals for telepathic communication, it is believed that the crystal customs continued to perpetuate in Egypt, South America, and Tibet over subsequent centuries.”

Usually, America doesn’t recognize anything from earth as medicine. You see, crystals come from earth. Millions of years ago, liquid rock inside the earth cooled and hardened, and this is how crystals formed at the twinkling center of the earth. And like cannabis, a plant that grew wild centuries ago, and still could if earth wasn’t being destroyed as I type; are forms of healing that have been here since before humans. 

Holistically and in history, both have been utilized and consumed for healing, today, both are making their way into mainstream society; and there is a company that is offering both in one purchase: Utopic Vibes.

About Uptopic Vibes, Products with a Purpose

Utopic highs and crystal vibes, Utopic Vibes is an Oklahoma based medical marijuana processing facility that seeks to bring patients the best of both cannabis flower and healing crystals. Their focus is on uplifting the vibration of their patients through intention based healing. Owned by Kimberly Provance and Tonya Carone, this company believes that: “Caring for the mind, body, and soul is of the utmost importance for a healthy and happy life.”

Kimberly and Tomya encourage Oklahoma patients to “catch the Utopic vibe” by consuming their line of intentional healing products with names like: chill, heal, create, passion, and uplift. Their intention with providing a product that incorporates earth into healing is to offer:

“Peace and tranquility. This is something everyone deserves in this life, and we are confident that our products will help you change your frequency to align with these states of being.”

Hear from the Owners of Utopic Vibes, Kimberly and Tonya

I just want to say that I absolutely love the concept, the message, and the intention of Utopic Vibes; what led you here to its launch?

“We wanted to provide the patients of Oklahoma with a higher quality experience that can be used  with intention. We both love crystals and appreciate the healing energies they can provide and wanted to share with others how crystals can complement and work together with cannabis for various experiences. The market was lacking a premium pre roll and we wanted to provide the best of everything for the patient from including high testing full flower, genuine crystal, custom cones for an even burn and an educational card for the strain and the crystal. We call our packs experience packs for that reason, it allows for a full experience of enjoying the high quality of the joint while learning about the product and also connecting with the crystal.”  

Please tell me about the team— who are they and what does each person do? 


“The team is Kimberly Provance and Tonya Carone, we met in Bartlesville in May 2020, at the start of the pandemic. Kim was visiting family and looking for alternatives to help her husband who is a cancer survivor. Tonya was working at a dispensary, had so much knowledge to share on terpenes and the healing components of the plant, and was genuinely interested in helping make sure the right products were recommended.

Kim’s background is in corporate America with 30 years in technology sales and sales management where she has always been motivated by helping people achieve their goal through products she has sold and represented. Kim sets the standard of ethical business practices, sources, cleanses, and charges every crystal Utopic vibes uses. 

Tonya’s background is in sales, organic farming, essential oils, as well as petitioning for SQ788. She has helped patients get their cards and then educated patients in dispensaries. We met and bonded over how the earth truly gives us what we need in our lives in both crystals and cannabis. Tonya handles all the sourcing of the product with the various grows, and she insists on high terpenes and quality. She also handles the production and quality control. Tonya’s Role: source growers and strains aligned with our 5 vibes.”  

Before launch, did you find that people overall loved, weren’t sure of, and/or didn’t understand your concept?

“Unsure. Being two women in this industry coming to the market with this intention based approach with crystals and holistic healing; we were told many times it was a lot to ask of Oklahoma patients. But we stayed true to our beliefs that we could change the lives of patients and so, we launched and Oklahoma has welcomed us with open arms to help set the standard of true room based medicating.  

Generally, we get this question from men: “what’s with the rock?”  At first we were like “hey, that’s not a rock it’s a beautiful crystal!” It’s fun now because we have been able to educate so many people from various backgrounds on the benefits of working with crystals. Men also like to purchase them as they give the crystals to their wife or girlfriend, and they get big brownie points for that in addition to a premium joint to enjoy.   

People really like to collect the cards too, they appreciate the information and seeing the various strains and how we change it up.”  

What are your top 3 favorite crystals and why? 

“That’s a hard one that’s like which kid is your favorite 😅. All of our crystals are our favorite depending on what we need in our lives at that moment. Trends with our patients have been our citrine and amethyst. Citrine for its abundance and inspiration and Amethyst is for encouragement of tranquility. 

As women we gravitate toward pink for love so the Rose Quartz is a favorite. Blue lace for positive vibes; this one’s fun to work with and lift your spirits and uplift your energies. Clear Quartz MASTER HEALER applifies energies, protects balances, and acts as a spiritual healer.”

Can you talk about the inclusion of a crystal with your 5 packs?

“Both cannabis and crystals come from our earth naturally, meaning the nutrients we get from plants that we use everyday and also in cannabis, create the crystals over thousands of years; so how can they not come together?

We wanted to give the patient something other than a matchstick or lighter, we wanted to share the experience of the crystal with them in hopes of them achieving the highest level of whatever intention they are manifesting. 

We love to see how our patients use the crystals (each come with a hole drilled) in making jewelry or other ways of carrying them. Some people like to bless others with their crystals. It gives the patient something positive to experience with each pack. That is our goal.”  

Which of the 5 options in your 5 packs is your best seller?

“Create and Chill, lots of people like Heal too; we source really good 50/50 blends for that consistently. Create pleasantly surprised us and is currently our best seller.” 

Where can cannabis patients in Oklahoma find Utopic Vibes products?

“We are in over 50 dispensaries now in the state, please find a dispensary near you on our website.”

How do you all source the crystals and cannabis provided in your products/product packs?

“We get our crystals from Arizona and Arkansas currently.”  

In Closing

I asked Kimberly and Tonya for their recommendations:

For someone that isn’t familiar with crystals and consuming cannabis for healing other than chronic pain, which strain do you recommend they try first?  

“They should start with the vibe that they are feeling… they may be going on a date that night and passion will do the trick as it’s a nice hybrid. If they need a positive boost, we recommend our Uplift. They all really hold the power of intention, so we recommend you start with what you consciously lead you to.”

Canadian Cultivator in Oklahoma Committed to Producing only Top Shelf Medicine: Canokie Buds

Canadian Cultivator in Oklahoma Committed to Producing only Top Shelf Medicine: Canokie Buds

Feminine Divine by Veronica Castillo


It took just diving in and putting myself out there to find out.”

From northern Ontario to the southern region of the United States (though, in cannabis, Oklahoma is considered the wild west), Holly Mills with CanOkie Buds says that moving to Oklahoma was a culture shock for her. 

She describes northern Ontatrio as a cultured, and the town she moved to in Oklahoma back in 2009 as: “A small town that was much slower paced. Everyone seemed to know everyone else.”  

What once was shock is now gratitude for a place that Holly describes as: having the prettiest sunsets, the wildest winters, and incredible sense of community; “ I’m lucky to be here!” 

Licensed, passionate, and growing cannabis with a touch of divine feminine; I am happy to share my latest interview with woman owned and  operated: Canokie Buds. 

Q&A with Holly Mills of CanOkie Buds

Please tell me about your childhood and cannabis- what did you learn about it? Was it considered the devil’s lettuce in your home? Did people around you consume? 

“When I grew up in Canada cannabis was still illegal and considered taboo. My dad was a strict rule follower and expected the same from his kids. I don’t remember people consuming around me until I was a consumer myself.” 

When did curiosity begin to develop and when did you start consuming cannabis?

“I started using cannabis in high school around the 10th grade. Never during the week, only on weekends with friends. When I finished high school, I moved to Northern Ontario and became a bit more of a habitual cannabis smoker. I guess I’ve consumed on and off since I was about 14. When I became a mom I didn’t for a long time. When cannabis became medically legal in Oklahoma, my youngest was 2 and I decided to try it again.” 

Have you lost anyone to a condition that cannabis could’ve treated?

“I haven’t lost anyone that could have been treated by cannabis, but I do have family and close friends with illnesses currently being treated by cannabis. My dad has MS and is a medical user in Canada. Even though it is recreational, there is also a medical program designed to contour cannabis use to individuals. 

My younger brother Timothy, works for a group initially called Marijuana for Trauma. They cater to veterans, my brother being one of them. Both my brother and my father’s medicine is subsidized by the government and they stay in contact with nurses and doctors who monitor their wellbeing. It would be awesome to see cannabis actually be treated as medicine across the United States the way it is in Canada.”

When did Canokie launch and can you provide insight on the journey from idea to launch? 

“After building a new home on our property I began debating what to do with our old home. I knew I wanted to use it for a business that would be a career for myself. Before medical marijuana went legal, I was looking into growing hemp crops for CBD processing purposes. 

I was using some full spectrum CBD products for anxiety, stress, and insomnia and wanted to be a part of that industry, for medicine. Then medical marijuana happened and I started adding THC to my CBD regiment which was a game changer. At the time it was legally easier to grow marijuana because they hadn’t passed the right to farm bill here in Oklahoma. 

So I thought: what if I turned my old house into an actual grow house? I’ll never forget the moment I was standing in my old living room with my friend Jean, the effects of a weed brownie just starting to kick in, and Jean turned and said, “imagine how many plants you could fit in this room.” 

So that was it. I ordered the George Cervantes Cannabis Encyclopedia off Amazon, started reading and watching Youtube videos, I tapped into the cannabis community with a million questions for other growers, and I got started in one room with a $5,000 tax return. 

I popped my first seeds in May 2019. This fall I found the answer to Jean’s question, it’s 91. My old living room is currently full of 91 beautiful, healthy, organically grown Maneater OG plants.”

What was the hardest and easiest thing about entering the cannabis industry? 

“I don’t think there was anything easy about entering the cannabis industry except for maybe the application part. I had no idea what I was doing when I started, and every step along the way was a learning curve. I had grown all sorts of plants and vegetables in the past, but cannabis plants were a whole new ball game. 

Learning not just about the plants themselves but then how to perfect their environment was very challenging. There are a million and one different products and equipment out there designed for growing cannabis. 

As far as the business side goes, I had plenty of experience with running a business and with customer relations but my knowledge of cannabis at the time I had finished my first harvest, was limited to what I had read in books and online. I honestly had no idea what my product was like compared to others. 

My first harvest was 4 pounds of 5 different strains and 1 dispensary bought the whole thing. Patients loved the flower and my reputation started to grow. I’ve continued since then to build the brand and positive reputation of my flower.”

Please tell me about the team. 

“I am a small team of just 4 incredible women. Laura has been with me for close to 2 years now and had no experience with cannabis plants or medicating with cannabis. The first time she visited my grow facility she thought I had a major skunk problem! Lol. 

Ashley started with me 6 months ago and also had no experience with growing cannabis. I have been friends with both of these women for 7 years. Our newest team member is Elizabeth, who joined the team just recently. She came on board with limited experience from another grow she helped with, and just dove right in! 

All of these women are incredibly hard working, honest, and loyal; and I am so grateful for them. We are all moms and constantly strive to create a positive work/life balance for each other and ourselves.” 

Please tell me about curing in a jar, and the difference between traditional curing and jar curing.

“Jar curing is the only way to go in my opinion, to achieve a true top shelf flower product. Not only do the glass walls prevent unwanted chemicals from leaching into the product, but they also circulate trapped air which allows the flower to biosynthesize. This converts cannabinoid compounds into new blends. 

So, for the flower to reach its full potential during the cure time, glass is the only way to go! This is a 100% more time consuming method to curing but, I am dedicated to producing only top shelf medicine, and the cure process is a major part of that. 

It’s important to note that before we even get to the cure process, everything we grow is in top of the line organic soil, and we brew all organic teas. We do not- at any stage- use synthetic nutrients or synthetic mediums. All of our plants are hand fed and carefully cultivated to ensure that every strain reaches its full potential before it is then hand trimmed and jar cured.”

How many strains do you all grow? What’s the most popular? 

We consistently run 10 really great strains. We are constantly pheno hunting new strains but it’s not often that I add a new one to the mix. Our most popular strain, which has become the number one strain in every dispensary that has picked it up, is our Maneater OG strain. 

This high testing sativa consistently hits 28-29% THC, and terpenes from 3-3.5%. She is by far the stickiest, dankest, most heavy hitting strain that I have ever come across as both a grower and consumer. 

What’s your favorite strain to grow? What about your favorite one to consume?

“These are both really difficult questions to answer. I guess my current favourite strain to grow is a newer one called Mimosa Evo. Her plant structure, colour, and aroma are amazing. She will make an entire room smell like pineapple. Her buds are dense and frosty, and her fade late in flower is dark purple. 

My favourite one to consume changes based on what I’m looking to medicate for. If I want a get up and go strain, I love the Maneater OG or Alaskan Purple. If I’m looking for a relaxing and mellowing effect, I love our Canadian Kush or Galactic Runtz. Honestly, they’re all good and beneficial in their own way.”

Do you believe that women have a deeper relationship with plants? Why or why not? 

“No, I wouldn’t say that women have a deeper relationship with plants. I might say that women could be more in tune to them because we tend to be more maternal, and pay more attention to detail.  I know some incredible cultivators that are men. It’s really the individual that makes the relationship. Being a man or a woman doesn’t make a difference.”

Where can people find Canokie Buds in OK?  

“CanOkie Buds can be found at Bud Barn in Marlow, Cannawise in Duncan, Higher Care in Chickasha, Pharmers Market in Norman, Green Buffalo in Norman, Prestige Cannabis in Del City and Edmond, Frontier Medicine in Edmond, and Buds dispensary in Lawton. 

These dispensaries consistently carry CanOkie flower. If your favourite dispensary doesn’t have CanOkie flower, ask them to reach out to me!” 

Final Words

When asked about advice for aspiring cultivators, Holly ended with:

“Stay true to the medicine. Don’t take shortcuts and don’t falsify information about your product. Build relationships with labs, dispensaries, and processors that are dedicated to the medicinal value of cannabis, not just the money-making aspect of it. 

There will be a multitude of hurdles you will face while growing this incredible plant. Pay attention, troubleshoot, ask questions, try new things; but not too many new things at one time. 

A good friend once told me that it takes 18 months to become an expert on a new field of study. With cannabis, that 18 months will just make you a little more comfortable but certainly not an expert. Don’t sweat the small stuff and keep at it!” 

The Feminine Divine with Woman Cultivator, Heidi Allen with Higher Flower Garden

The Feminine Divine with Woman Cultivator, Heidi Allen with Higher Flower Garden

by Veronica Castillo

“Like most kids growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I learned that Cannabis and anything related to it was just plain bad and bad for you.”- Heidi Allen 

From death row guard, to professional truck driver, to cannabis cultivator; Heidi Allen, who grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, turned to plants to heal herself and others. In this series, we highlight women cultivators in Oklahoma and in this interview, Heidi lets us into her life as a child, the trauma’s she has experienced, and lessons learned in and from the cannabis industry. 

Through all of that, Higher Flower Garden was born, which seems to have been born from Heidi’s passion: 

“I got into the industry about three years ago hoping to turn my love of growing things and my belief in the healing power of nature, into a viable way to make a living. I got into cultivation because I love to grow things. I have always loved plants and have had a long time interest in studying how things grow and what makes them grow.”

Learn more about Heidi’s journey to the Higher Flower Garden below.

Q&A with Heidi Allen of Higher Flower Garden

Did you work in another industry pre-cannabis? What?

“I worked for a while as a guard on death row in Huntsville, Texas, but as soon as I was old enough I began driving a truck over the road.  My last job was driving for the World Champion: AMA Motorcycle Racing Team.”

Did you graduate college? If so, what was your major?

“I was pursuing a degree in criminal justice but didn’t finish as I began my trucking career instead.”

Can you describe your journey to the launch of Higher Flower Garden?

“Rocky! Things never seem to turn out as planned. We were made a lot of promises by a lot of people that never materialized and because of this, I simply had to learn my trade and put it into practice to make things work.”  

Tell me about your team.

“My team is small; it’s me and a friend of mine named Jen. We handle all the day to day activities of the grow from cloning to harvesting. We have a couple of investors who have been very supportive as well.”  

What’s one thing you love and one thing you wish to see changed- industry wise?

“I just love the plants and seeing them grow and getting the finished product from them. I really wish OMMA would be more active in enforcing the regulations, and keep out of state products and illegal grows from making it so tough on smaller boutique setups like ours.”

What’s your favorite strain to grow? Consume?

“As far as consuming, I like the old strains with Skunk #1 being my favorite. Where growing is concerned, I like growing the real Sativa strains. I love to grow beautiful flowers from top of the line genetics. We have set ourselves apart by cultivating via a hydroponics system and producing a high quality connoisseur grade product.” 

Any mentors you’d like to mention? 

“Unfortunately I really haven’t had any mentors to speak of in this field.  I have essentially had to learn on my own. A lot of times I feel like I’m on an island in the industry, but I have made a few friends that are encouraging and helpful.”  

Any advice for young women aspiring to become cultivators?

“It’s a man’s industry. Be ready to not be taken seriously or listened to because you’re a woman.  You have to have thick skin and know that most men aren’t going to give you credit for what you do or become very jealous at any success you have. Trust yourself and when you know your product is good, don’t let anyone sell you short. 

All photo credit: Higher Flower Garden

The Feminine Divine Highlights, Woman Owned and Operated: Pro Gro Farms

The Feminine Divine Highlights, Woman Owned and Operated: Pro Gro Farms

by Veronica Castillo

“Maintaining a small-batch standard by taking extra measures at each step to preserve quality and isolated control on a plant by plant basis.”

Founded by woman, operated by woman, cannabis grown by woman, Pro Gro Farms is an indoor cultivation growing cannabis in a controlled environment, while maintaining a naturalist philosophy. Pro Gro Farms offers legally compliant  cannabis to dispensaries and processors within the state of Oklahoma.

Founder and Led Cultivator Kalli Keith, says she fell in love with gardening in her twenties after a breakup, and growing plants healed her. But before that, she has the experience of being raised in farming and ranching: “I spent time at the stockyards, at barrel races, even strapped to a pony on cattle drives before we evolved to using ATVs.”

Recently, I had the opportunity to connect with and interview Pro Gro Farms owner, Kalli Keith. Hear from her below.

Portrait of Kalli Keith

Q & A With Kalli Keith, Founder of Pro Gro Farms

Tell me about the woman owned and operated team at Pro Gro- was growing a passion and/or career goal?

“After the breakup, I started gardening and dreamed that I would give produce to all my neighbors in my small apartment complex. Gardening healed me more than it fed my neighbors, and I found myself obsessed with the whys and hows of plant life (and bug life), and I continued to adopt ‘em and read about each one of them. I eventually had serious square footage staked in this parking lot due to my expanding collection, and decided it needed a border to keep cars in check. I acquired bricks from a building demolition in my neighborhood and borrowed my neighbors skateboard to roll them all to my garden in these toe-smashing stacks. Then neighbors started leaving me flower pots, naturally I had to fill them with more plants, and I think I am still in that cycle somehow today.”

What was your childhood life like?

“We always had a garden growing up so the farm-to-table thing was kind of just the way of life. Nostalgia creates a deep connection with the land for me. I grew up in a farming and ranching family and spent years trying to escape it. I was always irritated about why conversations at the dinner table had to evolve around horses and cows and land. I was set on moving to NYC to become a world-renowned hairdresser. I already completed my licensing during high school and after graduation, but I started college 15 minutes away in Norman instead. I made it to 19 and was deflated by still being in a small town when I was scouted to model through a Facebook message. I changed my major as soon as that semester had ended and relocated to Miami, FL to follow a new dream for the next 10 years under my parents warning it was only acceptable if I finished school. I made it to NYC after all, then Los Angeles, and finally Dallas for a more comfortable last few years.”

Please tell me about the journey to build and launch the Pro Gro cultivation facility?

“I think it was 2017 when I started working toward being a part of the emerging hemp industry in Oklahoma. I worked to be included in the pilot program and cheered along the 2018 farm bill finally legalizing production. My trajectory had shifted somewhere in the meantime before seeing that through. I feared a lack of infrastructure for hemp when it came to harvesting through going to market and another lovely little thing had happened in the meantime which was the movement and passage of SQ788. 

I redirected my efforts into a very small scale operation to see if I could even grow plants indoors! I had toured a fabulous and well-funded commercial grow in southern Colorado, but that was the limit of my experience in commercial gardening. It might have been the craziest or the coolest thing I ever did, but I wiped out my savings, developed an additional funding and repayment strategy and took a big ass borrowed trailer to Home Depot. That is when it set in that I really wasn’t turning back, the space was leased and half the building materials purchased so I was in this for real now.

With the help of my dad, other family, and friends, we were able to get about 1000 square feet built out.”

Portrait of Kalli Keith

Do you all have a passion for cultivating indoors?

“I have a passion for the sun and the soil, actually. I have a passion for regenerative agriculture, and plans including and expanding from Pro Gro. I grow indoors, because frankly I am a perfectionist and a weed snob since back before I ever became interested in farming or growing cannabis. I want to be able to experiment with various cultivars in a controlled setting.

In my garden, I have the ability to formally trial side-by-side, more control for research, and development, and the advantage of getting to monitor everything that comes in contact with the end product from a sanitation perspective. 

I know indoor cultivation is not as sustainable as other methods and that does weigh on me, but I do my best to compensate by constantly making small changes: reusable products, water filtration modifications, electricity pull at off-hours, etc.”

What’s your favorite strain to grow and consume?

“I certainly don’t have a favorite for either. My main obsession with cannabis comes from variety and what range internal and external factors can allow it to span. My quick answer would be something like a chem or diesel cross to consume and to grow would be simply anything beautiful!”

How many plants do you all grow at once?

“I flower 80 at a time.”

Any mentors in the industry?

“Not really, no. If I did have a mentor, I am the type to ask then secretly not trust their answer anyways and go try my idea instead. I only learn the hard way and it’s a curse.”

Any partnerships or collaborations coming?

Pro Gro is collaborating with Bear Essentials on a rosin release. I feel like it’s a milestone for Pro Gro to not only branch into rosin, but to be noticed by respected hash artists. I can claim I’m a “weed snob” all day, but these solventless people are drop dead serious about what flowers they will and won’t work with.”

What has been the hardest lesson learned so far?

“You can’t do everything by yourself. I am deeply independent and thought if I would just build a micro grow small enough that I could manage it entirely myself, then I could just listen to my audiobooks all day and grind out some stanky danky flowers. I thought  I’d snap some pics and send some emails and could stay hidden in the garden, and people would learn it was great and be waiting to buy it. WRONG!

It takes help from reliable teammates to guarantee product consistency, it takes cherry picking the hand trimmers that manicure bud to perfection, it takes relationships with your clients that develop into friendships, it takes giving up control and learning to delegate tasks to others to better your business overall, humility to consult with other growers and giving free advice to the next guy in return for the good deeds done to you, it takes patients demanding your flower at their favorite shop over and over again, and friends and family understanding why you fell off the map a couple years ago and miss important events.”

Where can customers find you and what Pro Gro Farms grown strain is highest in demand?

Safe bets for a good selection would be: Likewise Craft OKC, Likewise Broadway in Edmond, Top Notch Medz in Shawnee, and/or Pharm788 in Roland. 

Feel free to DM or email me and ask, because there are single strains or rotating stores that might be closer to where you live. 

Our highest demand has been for the Blueberry Mandarin Cookies #14. It’s a happy all day strain with an easy THC level and a woodsy, bready terp profile. If you catch me out and about, it’s the strain I almost always have on me. I think a close contender is the MP3 pheno of Mandarin Punch, but she just hasn’t been around my garden as long to challenge the BMC popularity.”

Portrait of Kalli Keith

What are 3 tips you have for aspiring women cultivators?

“My advice would be to stop acting like men are against you because you’re a woman in a male dominated industry. I am often asked, “what’s it like?” to which I say ‘pretty much like every other industry’. I have actually felt more judged or disliked by other women than men in this industry, and we have a tendency to kind of lift other women up as long and were still standing on her dress hem. 

Men are excited to meet a woman running a garden, because it’s refreshing to not have the same bros or hired hot girls coming in to sell weed all day. Sure, we experience weird advances and mansplaining, but these types of bizarre exchanges happen outside of cannabis too, because weird people are weird people no matter who dominantes your line of work.

Don’t hide the fact you’re a female stepping onto the scene. I spent a long time not stating that I was woman-owned and operated, because I didn’t want people to care. I had a false idea that purchasing managers would think I was some growers girlfriend he sent in. I wanted my product to speak for itself no matter who grew it. My guy friends actually encouraged me to add more personality to my brand and let people know who is behind it and I am so glad that I did. 

I have had a mom-and-daughter store reach out to me wanting to buy from other women or others. I get messages like ‘Love to see it, I’m a girl and I grow too’, from as far away as South Africa!

Being woman owned isn’t going to compensate for bad weed, (at least it shouldn’t) so it doesn’t hurt to put it out there and let people know who you are and what you’re proud of accomplishing when it’s against a statistic.”

The Feminine Divine; Raw, Real, and Bare in Oklahoma

The Feminine Divine; Raw, Real, and Bare in Oklahoma

Nothing to hide behind, exposed, and real with Wendy Elena, The Naked Grower

 By Veronica Castillo

Born in the tropical state of Florida, and raised by Panamanian born and raised parents, cannabis cultivator Wendy Elena, keeps it raw, real, and truthful about her experience with cannabis. As she travels throughout the state of Oklahoma to mentor and inspire other cultivators, she took the time to chat with Herbage Magazine, about her journey into the world of cannabis consumption and cultivation.


About Wendy’s Childhood in the South


Wendy describes her childhood as: “I grew up in the tropical climate of Florida! My family immigrated to The United States from Panama during the late 80’s when the drug war was at its peak. My mother wanted a life with more options for my two sisters and I”.

I grew up in Florida, with Puerto Rican parents, and so I wondered how Wendy learned of cannabis and what cannabis was described as in her household. Wendy states:


My parents were closet stoners, they didn’t share with me at all the medicinal value of cannabis. It was rather the opposite, I was deterred from any “toxin” intake in my youth. Given the chaos my mother grew up around due to the “drug and narco violence”, to her keeping us away from everything was safer than attempting to explain the uniqueness of cannabis.


I never drank or smoked cannabis until adulthood, 21 to be exact. What my parents did do, rather successfully I might add, is prepare me for a life as a functional pothead. All of my good habits, my process driven lifestyle, and my “doer” mentality was derived and fed by my parents.


I had no idea cannabis was present or so prominent in my family’s history, including the practice of natural medicine in Panama (healing), or the fact that my parents even smoked until adulthood”.


Wendy’s Journey in Cannabis Consumption and Cultivation


When Wendy started consuming cannabis at the age of 21, she found healing and said: “ I knew I had to work with cannabis. I needed the space to teach other young ladies and people in general about life, happiness, spirituality, self-sustainability, self worth, and so much more”.


Wendy’s journey in life, led her to cannabis, cannabis cultivation, and so much more:


The journey that has led me to cultivating cannabis with so many amazing growers. It has been an incredibly long and grueling path, like much others in the industry still endure daily. My navigation has led me to experience almost every aspect of the industry, small and corporate level large. Through this I’ve developed several avenues of reaching out to the community”.


In the cannabis industry, you can find Wendy leading/being involved in/with:


  • Dispensary consultation
  • CRM and POS consultations
  • Sharing in local marketing networks
  • Cultivation
  • Cultivation consultation
  • Business Management Consultation
  • Seed to sale software (W.E.N.D.Y)
  • Software management consultation
  • A future platform for cultivation networking


Wendy’s Favorite Strain and About: W.E.N.D.Y


I always ask cultivators about their favorite strain to consume and grow. Wendy said:


My favorite strain is Tropicanna Cookies byOni Seed Co, but I think it may originate from  Bloom Seed Co.! I love to grow this and equally love to smoke it! The terpene profile is so good for the biology of my body. No matter my tolerance level, or the time of day, Tropicanna Cookies hugs me with a beautiful experience tailored by the terpenes, the stars of the show.”


In regards to hardest and easiest strain to grow, Wendy provided the following insight:


“The strains haven’t been the difficulty, so much as making due in environments that were not ideal ! I’ve had to veg in the tiniest spaces and flower in rooms that have were shorter ceilings than you’d like., and a lot more in th 150ces It is true that each strain is different, but as long as the environment and the watering is locked in, you can really have fun with any!


Wendy’s Goals in the Cannabis Industry


Wendy is on a mission to do amazing things in this industry. I asked her what her goals are:


The point behind all of this is very simple. Keep it local. This level of business only seems to be conducted by large corporate interests. My goal has always been and will always be, to empower the farmer. I travel all over the state of Oklahoma, on top of maintaining my own personal crops, to help other farmers pioneer their way into this industry. Oklahoma has an incredible local economy, it shouldn’t be any different with cannabis.

I dedicate my life to the plant and the farmer, giving as much information as I can so people can sustain their businesses on the cultivation end, and the system management end.  There isn’t a ‘big secret’ to growing weed. As a community it’s our responsibility to take care of eachother, by sharing the things we learn along the way.


I want to create a sustainable network of local farmers, processors, and retail stores in Oklahoma. With this powerful network, we can survive any potential industry takeover with federal legalization, and keep Oklahoma’s market strong!”


The Seed to Sale Software named W.E.N.D.Y


The software is inspired by a lack of functionality in existing software on the market. Wendy says:


The mission is an ease of use from grower, to key administrator, to ultimately reporting and data collection. Streamlining cultivation facilities has never been more accessible. The goal of it all is to take the mystery out of growing and operating a cultivation facility, and facilitate in building the next generation of farmers!”


Wendy’s Idols, Mentors, Inspiration


Wendy names a woman cultivator and her mom as her idol and muse:


Miss Rad Reefer is a huge female grower inspiration! She shares literally everything on instagram, all her knowledge and real life plant and crop practices. It’s so bold that she’s willing to give all her information away. It really shows her confidence in her own ability, and her personality to want others to rise with her in life.


My mother is my muse. She is a resilient, and incredible woman. As an American I know I could never understand what it was like in Panama from birth to age 28 for my mother, but I know the values and principles she carried with her to America made me who I am today. Without her, I would be nothing”.

Final Words


Wendy said that being a named grower is more than being physically naked:


I’m sure everyone has had a naked day or two in the garden. For me, the word naked means so much more than that. It means raw, real, and bare. Nothing to hide behind, exposed and real.


I try to fulfill all of those core values, every day in my own garden and with clients. Like I said before, there is no secret! Humans, fellow Americans, and fellow Oklahomans need to learn to be self sustainable, that’s the naked growing. The real growing”.


Women in cannabis rock! I asked Wendy what it’s like being a woman cultivator in Oklahoma’s legal industry, she said:


I try to maintain my femininity, without it being the basis of who I am. Like many others, I didn’t choose my meat suit. I do the best with what I was given. So in short, it can be difficult at times. People will try to put you in a box, label you, or disqualify you.


Tenacity is the qualifying attribute for a female in ANY INDUSTRY. I try to let the things I cannot control roll off my back like water, and do my best to steward what’s within my control well!


I look forward to the day that people view others as amazing individuals, and less off the basis of sex”.


As for advice for aspiring cultivators, Wendy said this:


Don’t be afraid to even begin!”




Juneteenth- The True Date of Supposed Freedom for Enslaved Black People

And I recollect one time,they brought in hounds. They brought them hounds in and brought three n*ggas with them hounds, runaway n*ggas, you know, caught in the woods. And they, right across, right at the creek there, they take them n*ggas and put them on a log, lay them down, and fasten them. And whup them. You hear them n*ggas hollering and praying on them logs.” – Uncle Billy McCrea, Jasper, Texas, 1940


The quote above was from Uncle Billy McMcrea of Jasper, TX- discussing Juneteenth and the “break up”- the end of slavery in the south. Many believe that slavery ended in 1863, by law- referencing the Emancipation Proclamation. And while this may have some truth, as The National Museum of African American History and Culture states: 


Not everyone in Confederate territory would immediately be free. Even though the Emancipation Proclamation was made effective in 1863, it could not be implemented in places still under Confederate control. As a result, in the westernmost Confederate state of Texas, enslaved people would not be free until much later.

Texas, stolen from Mexico, is usually behind and delayed in all things- like cannabis and hemp legalization. Sickening! In Texas form, it wasn’t until June 19, 1865 when union troops arrived in Galveston Bay, TX that freedom actually rung. Juneteenth became the official day of freedom (June +19th= Juneteenth):


The army announced that the more than 250,000 enslaved black people in the state were free by executive decree. This day came to be known as “Juneteenth,” by the newly freed people in Texas.” says The National Museum of African American History and Culture. 


Slavery Ended but Black People Weren’t Technically Free


It’s important to note that no human living under government control has freedom. We have liberties, only enough freedom to make decisions to alternatives approved by the government. We can’t marry more than one person, we can’t legally consume plants like peyote that grows naturally because the government says we can’t, we are restricted from traveling outside of imaginary borders without the government knowing about it, I can go on and on.


When slavery ended, Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, the Reconstruction Era, alcohol prohibition, and a new way to target black people through the Harrison Narcotics Act all came into play to ensure that black people weren’t really free. In 1865 and 1866, new southern state legislatures passed restrictive “Black Codes”, which were enforced throughout the south following the Civil War.


After the civil war, a period called Reconstruction was initiated and both laws limited the rights of Black people. Instead, black people were exploited (many still are) as a labor source. The 1865 ratification of the 13th Amendment prohibited slavery and servitude in all circumstances “except as a punishment for crime.” 


This loophole resulted in southern states criminalizing activities that would make it easy to imprison Black people. This loophole made it easy to force black people into servitude once more. A good example, criminalizing a plant that enslaved Black people helped harvest, so they could be sent to jail and still be slaves.


The Rise of Melanated People in America- Still We Rise


Imagine being an enslaved person and hearing after the fact, way after the fact: 


The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free.


Though Black history in America has so much ugly when it comes to the treatment of Black people, Black people rise. See, melanin is magic, it’s power, it carries biological benefits. Loosely discussed, it’s a simple “skin pigment”. However, there is a reason Black people are known as magic- Melanin and high levels of it. And though there are 2 types of melanin according to Healthline, neither are associated with white:


Although melanin is usually discussed as a single pigment, there are two types of melanin that contribute to pigmentation in the hair, skin, and eyes of humans and animals:


Eumelanin. This pigment is associated with dark tones, such as brown and black.

Pheomelanin. This pigment is associated with alternate hues, such as red and yellow.


Melanin can be credited as the magic and the will to fight can be credited as power. Black people in America have been hated harshly and viciously, and still Black people rise. Education was snatched from Black people and yet black people have been President, and are doctors and lawyers. Black people were given a delayed start by hundreds of years, and yet black people own television production companies. Black people have been separated and brutalized, and  Bookings Edu marks a shift in America’s “minority”: 


The U.S. Census Bureau has just released its last batch of race-ethnic population estimates in advance of the 2020 census, with data indicating that the national headcount will reveal a more diverse nation than was previously expected. The new estimates show that nearly four of 10 Americans identify with a race or ethnic group other than white. Over the decade’s first nine years, racial and ethnic minorities accounted for all of the nation’s population growth.”


Celebrating Juneteenth


There are many ways to celebrate and America should! America should honor the lives that built this nation. We should be calling this country the United States of Africa instead of the United States of America. For ways to celebrate and honor the life of black people, tune in with Jasmine Harvey who will be guiding folk on celebrations in honor of Juneteenth.

The 50 Year Anniversary of Nixon’s Attack on Black and Brown People Through the Initiation of the War on Drugs

 by Veronica Castillo 

Photo by Author

In 1971, the lives of black and brown people received another threat. In this threat, the government focused on changing an entire nation’s law just to keep black and brown people suppressed and oppressed. In 1971, President Nixon, with an ugly, disgusting, racist soul- officially declared a “War on drugs”, loosely translated: a “war on black and brown people”. Because in America at the time, freedom was a focus. And whenever the nation moves even an inch closer, the fear of leaders and supporters of white supremacy start to rage.


For in America, the freedom of the black and brown people is the biggest fear of a white supremacist and their supporters. Nixon decided that this couldn’t happen and so,terror continued. Black and brown lives in this country never have mattered much. Sure we have “all lives matter” chanting and protesting but- that chant and protest wouldn’t be needed if “all lives matter” were really the case in America.


The History of Plants Being on Schedules


In 1970, President Nixon, in all of his rage, signed the CSA into American law ruining thousands of lives- not all lives- but mostly black and brown. The Controlled Substance Act officially prohibited cannabis and placed the plant on schedule 1- as a very dangerous drug.


But it started in 1937 with the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, where cannabis became taxable. This happened because of racism and prejudice against Mexicans who were coming to American with their medicinal herb, Marihuana. This act didn’t outlaw cannabis, just made accessibility harder. At that time, marijuana was not classed as a major drug like opium and heroin, which were prohibited under the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914.


Harry Anslinger, another disgusting, worse than vomit individual who was the Federal Bureau of Narcotics Commissioner, helped pass the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act through his campaign against cannabis- not just marijuana, but the whole plant. For 5 presidents, over a 30+ year career, Harry terrorized the lives of black and brown people. Check out the movie: The United States vs. Billie Holiday.

Photo by Author

In 1970 when cannabis was outlawed completely, the government rang the bell and just like that, black and brown lives were under a new attack.


The Controlled Substance Act and Its Schedules

Photo by Author

In 1970, Harry and his goons, known as the federal government, declared marijuana more dangerous than cocaine, meth, oxycodone, and fentanyl; a plant, an herb, like tea; a plant with 5000 years of healing proof. According to the government, schedule I drugs have the highest potential for abuse and the potential to create psychological and/or physical dependence (do you notice the decision made off of “potential” not “proof”?).

The American government is evil and twisted as heck. I mean- they have marijuna listed as more dangerous than Cocaine! Codeine! Meth! All of the plants that can heal- are on schedule 1:

Schedule I:


Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Some examples of Schedule I drugs are:


  • Heroin
  • Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)
  • Marijuana (cannabis)
  • 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy)
  • Methaqualone
  • Peyote (cactus)
  • Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms)


Schedule II


Schedule II drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with a high potential for abuse, with use potentially leading to severe psychological or physical dependence. These drugs are also considered dangerous. Some examples of Schedule II drugs are:


  • Combination products with less than 15 milligrams of hydrocodone per dosage unit (Vicodin)
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Methadone
  • Hydromorphone (Dilaudid)
  • Meperidine (Demerol)
  • Oxycodone (OxyContin)
  • Fentanyl
  • Dexedrine
  • Adderall
  • Ritalin


Schedule 3:


Schedule II drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with a low to moderate potential for physical and psychological dependence. Some examples of Schedule III drugs are:


  • Tylenol with codeine
  • Ketamine
  • Anabolic steroids
  • Testosterone


Schedule 4:


Schedule II drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with a low probability for misuse and abuse.Some examples of Schedule IVdrugs are:


  • Xanax
  • Soma
  • Darvocet
  • Valium
  • Ambien


Dear American Government, You Got it Wrong


All of the information on the schedules are B*LLSH*T! We know that from the huge opioid epidemic in this country and many others! We know that all the plants that heal are outlawed because the government can careless about actual healing- just control!


Hear from Americans about what you did to our country with your control, greed, and hatred due to fear and jealousy, of black and brown people:


“The government definitely got it wrong and created more harm than good starting with Harry Anslinger(Head of FBN). Anslinger denounced any positive research and prosecuted 3,000+ American Medical Association doctors who prescribed narcotic drugs through 1939. Anslinger testified before Congress saying, “Marijuana is the most violent-causing drug in the history of mankind”, and used Gore Files-often racist, horror stories over-hyped with cannabis as the cause of violence, but in 1948-1950, Anslinger contradicted himself claiming that cannabis did NOT make users violent, but pacifistic. Congress would vote to continue restrictions against cannabis, but this time for the exact OPPOSITE reasons. It doesn’t make sense!!! Just like Nixon signing the Controlled Substance Act in 1970 and putting cannabis on the Schedule 1 list doesn’t make sense”. – Cheryl Clements with House of Weird Perfection


The War on Drugs has mutated and still lingers over the Chicago southside communities like a dark cloud over our Windy City. Something unnoticed in the 182 pages of the Illinois’ Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act is that consumers can still be given a ticket and fined if seen smoking on their porch or backyard, which was echoed by the Chicago Police Department in a video released to Youtube.Though the legalization of marijuana is evidence of a significant cultural shift in mores and legal standards, I am historically and observantly not convinced that Black Americans will be granted that autonomy.”- Victoria Sockwell- Writer and Researcher


“I’m going to speak directly to the government. When you started the “War on drugs,” you didn’t anticipate pushback from the citizens that you were voted in to represent. We voted for you because we thought you had our best interest in mind. You spread the lie that Cannabis is a gateway drug using your religious leader puppets. You spread the lies of the black and brown community stating that cannabis makes black men “violate their women”, You created that lie that resulted in targets on our backs. It’s time to legalize Cannabis, stop the lies, and be the leaders you were voted in to be. Listen to the people!” – Terry Byas- Writer


“Growing up in the heart of the drug war, The Emerald Triangle,  I didn’t understand that running from helicopters, hiding from cocked guns, kidnapping, rape, and overall oppression was not normal. By the time I was 16 I had experienced all of this, and all of it had gotten swept under the rug. The drug war has created a huge rug for millions of atrocities to get swept under. When we aknowledge natural medicines with senseible policies we can begin to address the real issues such human trafficking, drug addiction, food insecurtiy, homelssness, racism, and the other many inequities oppressive systems create. As we unravel the traumas  we can heal the impacts. It’s time for our country to end the war so we can heal. As long as natural medicines are criminalized, the true atrocities of the world will have rugs to get swept under. I am ready to beat some rugs!” – Lelehnia DuBois- Humboldt Grace


“The War on Drugs is a huge failure in this country. It has had negative impacts on millions of people by persecution and criminalizing the habitual users. Which is important to note that people who are users are not criminals, they are actually victims. The government’s agenda has led to mass incarceration of millions of people, increased white collar crimes, and has led to systemic human rights abuses. All of these dynamics are more while still fueling the powerful drug cartels. Let’s think of, “The Balloon Effect.” As the Government showcases their efforts of dismantling drug production or major routes, the supply for the end user is not reduced. Let’s take crystal meth for an example. The US government stated that they regulated the sale of chemicals used to manufacture the drug. So although most major big meth manufacturers went out of business,  thousands of small-scale operations sprung up all over the country, using chemicals that weren’t regulated. The U.S has a drug enforcement budget of $30 billion a year but the success rate is about 1%. Let that sink in. In the 80’s, Switzerland was heading towards the same direction but decided to Institute the War on Drugs as a Health crisis. They got it right, instead America has intentionally created an unachievable goal while creating human misery and bulldozing human rights”.- Samuel Johnson- Black Men in Suits Urban Nation


In Closing


U.S Customs and Border Protection- Department of Homeland Security knows that lethal drugs are let into the country by other government organizations- heck- they may even organize it. They say this:


“Just prior to the passage of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, the Customs Agency Service compiled a Narcotics Manual that reported: “Marihuana may be cultivated or grown wild in almost any locality. Inasmuch as this drug is so readily obtained in the United States, it is not believed to be the subject of much organized smuggling from other countries.” Today, however, marijuana trafficking is a major concern of CBP, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Drug Enforcement Administration”.


The war was vicious, not necessary, and lost. The people spoke and continue to speak.



Fact check:













Painted Pistols Cannabis Co.

By Veronica Castillo

Painted Pistols Cannabis Co.

Providing an avenue for the community of Chickasha to experience clean, organic medicinal cannabis.


In a city about 35 miles away from Oklahoma City, exists a cannabis cultivation company owned and operated by life-long Chickasha residents- Painted Pistols Cannabis Co. Painted Pistols is located in a stand-alone building in downtown Chickasha on HWY 81, with a large parking lot that can accommodate large motor vehicles, trailers, and RVs.


We are less than 3 miles from the turnpike exit. In the past, it was used for an automotive shop and before that, we believe it was a radiator shop.


About Painted Pistols


Based in Oklahoma, with pistols attached to the name may raise some eyebrows, but no need because the name stems from a connection; a message in a song:


“Painted Pistols was inspired by a line in Trampled, a song by Turtles- ‘the calm and the crying wind’. While listening, I was praying and contemplating what we should name the shop. The first line in the song was exactly what I needed to hear. All the hairs stood up on my arm and it confirmed to me that was the name we were supposed to use.”


The owner of Painted Pistols Cannabis Co. always knew cannabis would be a part of life. With years in the cannabis industry and talks of Oklahoma going legal for medicinal consumption, the owner says:


When talk of legalizing medical cannabis in our state started happening, I knew I’d be involved somehow, I just didn’t know what that looked like but when the opportunity with the building presented itself, I decided to jump on it.”


As many have reported, and though it varies from state to state, getting into the legal cannabis industry isn’t an easy task. When asked about the hardest part of the journey into cannabis entrepreneurship, the response was:


The rules and regulations changing so much; medical cannabis had only been legal less than a year when we opened.”


Painted Pistols: Team and Mission


Painted Pistols has a team that makes its operation possible. Aside from the owner, the team consists of a dispensary manager, a sales associate/ graphic designer/ Budtender (one person handles these roles), and an inventory and bookkeeping specialist (one person handles these roles). The owner is at the dispensary every day with the exception of a getaway with his fiancé (which we all need!):


We snuck away early last year for a 2-day weekend trip but I have been in the store every other day since we’ve opened. I take pride in being an owner / operator of the store.”


The Painted Pistols Cannabis Co. mission is one that can be appreciated:


We are here to provide education and clean meds to patients. When a patient choses cannabis over prescription pills, they are looking for a safer alternative. If that “safer alternative” is pumped full of chemicals, is that really safer?


About the Painted Pistol Dispensary and Strains

For those that haven’t visited Painted Pistols Cannabis Co. dispensary, here is what the owner describes as the vibe in the dispensary:

We know that cannabis can be intimidating to new patients. We want them to feel comfortable when they walk into our store and answer any and all questions they have about cannabis and consumption. It is our favorite part of the day when we get to consult with a new patient, find out what their need for cannabis is, and help find a product that works best for their body.”

As for brands that Oklahoma cannabis patients can find at Painted Pistols Cannabis Co., the owner states:

Frosty Organics, Resonant Cult, Hermetic Flower Co, King Cannabis, and No Time.  We have a huge supply of edibles from companies like Smokiez, Bison Extracts, and RR brothers. Others include: Divine collection, Leaf Logic, Ice Melts, and Vedana Solventless Hash Rosin.

In Closing

When asked why a cannabis dispensary in Chickasha,Oklahoma– the answer received was centered in love:

Chickasha is my hometown. I was born and raised here. I wanted to share my passion with those I grew up with and introduce them to clean cannabis. A good friend was moving back to this area to start a grow and we knew it would be a great opportunity to showcase his organic, living soil grown cannabis.

Cannabis is centered in love, healing, and appreciation. The owner closed with something so beautiful that as I type this, I am getting chills. Because of that, it’s only right that I allow him to close the piece. When asked: “what should patients know about Painted Pistols that hasn’t been asked?

The owner of Painted Pistols stated:

I know this seems clique but our patients have become our family. Not only because they know they can trust us, but because of the bonds we’ve formed. It threw me off the first time a patient told me he loved me as he was leaving. Now, it’s kind of become the norm.

Texas – Landlocked and Surrounded by Legalization

by Veronica Castillo

Texas, the second-largest state in the United States, largest city Houston, largest metro Dallas- Fort Worth, and surrounded by legal/decriminalized states on all sides- refuses to legalize cannabis for medicine.

Present day, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana are medicinally legal and/or decriminalized cannabis states. Meanwhile, Texas doesn’t want smokable hemp legal, they don’t want cannabis available for medicine in any flower form, and they still want to put people in jail for a gram of cannabis.

Recently, Marijuana Moment reported:

The latest developments that have come after a week where Texas lawmakers have considered a medley of marijuana reform measures. But arguably the most significant piece of cannabis legislation to move out of committee would make possession of up to an ounce of marijuana.”

Texas- what are you doing? This is asked because in the same piece referenced above, it was reported that:

Other decriminalization proposals that were under consideration by the panel this week would not prohibit that enforcement action, which is key because police are currently able to incarcerate people who are arrested for class C misdemeanors even though the charge itself does not carry the risk of jail time in sentencing.”

Texas Medical Cannabis Program

It’s weak to say the least. In Texas, medical cannabis means that cannabis products cannot contain more than .5% THC. Medical cannabis in Texas means that cancer, chronic pain, and PTSD are qualifying conditions for veterans only. The Texas medical cannabis program is so limited that decriminalization still hasn’t happened. CBD oil is the only thing safe.

Hear from Texas Residents and Refugee’s About Cannabis Legalization

Below, you’ll see and hear from three women, Texas residents and Texas refugee’s, all in support of cannabis legalization in Texas. Humans who have a desire to choose for themselves, the plants that they consume to treat their medical conditions. Humans that want the government to to release the shackles placed on a plant with a track record of success dating back to the ancient days.

Alexis Olive- Texas resident and supporter of cannabis legalization in Texas:



Lizzie Maldonado– Texas resident and supporter of Texas cannabis legalization:



Khadijah Adams– former Texas resident- relocated for access to cannabis:


Final Thoughts

Cannabis will prevail! The old south mentality is being laid to rest and a new day has arrived. It makes no sense to continue to write prescriptions for opioids in Texas. In 2018, Texas medical providers wrote 47.2 opioid prescriptions for every 100 people. Cannabis isn’t available there to treat with, so will Texas still use the “cannabis is a gateway drug” lame and outdated excuse?

Could it be that cannabis is the plant that sustains their prison system? Prison Policy reports that:

Texas has an incarceration rate of 891 per 100,000 people; it locks up a higher percentage of its people than many wealthy democracies do.”

Texas- the time for legalization has come!

Beating Censorship

by Veronica Castillo

Free speech is the bedrock of American democracy.” This is what Americans are told on whitehouse.gov’s, executive order, preventing online censorship. The government goes on to say and assure Americans that:

Our Founding Fathers protected this sacred right with the First Amendment to the Constitution.  The freedom to express and debate ideas is the foundation for all of our rights as a free people.

In a country that has long cherished the freedom of expression, we cannot allow a limited number of online platforms to handpick the speech that Americans may access and convey on the internet.  This practice is fundamentally un-American and anti-democratic.”

Social Media Censorship and Cannabis/Hemp

The cannabis industry struggles with freedom of speech on social media. In the cannabis industry, there is no free speech, no marketing, no education, no pages/accounts that are safe on social media platforms. Because of the federal prohibition that the American government has hurt Americans with, social media platforms use this as a reason to keep the community oppressed.

Of course, Lobbyists pay people, corporations, and institutions to do things like this. Industries like big pharma don’t want the truth about cannabis to be released. The issue of censorship is something that people and businesses are fighting, and courts are trying to figure out. A google search focused on social media censorship lawsuits reveals the following headlines:

  • Media Veteran Suing Facebook Over Cannabis Ban
  • Lawsuit Argues That Feds’ Cannabis Ban Violates Our Constitutional Rights
  • Facebook Hit by Landmark Censorship Lawsuit in Poland
  • Facebook Is Finally Getting Sued for Its Anti-Weed Policies
  • Lawsuit, Media Campaign Hit Facebook Over CBD, Hemp Ads

This is a short list. Censorship has been keeping courts busy, but to date, the platforms prevail because like the police, there are rules, policies, and amendments that keep them safe. For social media platforms, it’s the 1st amendment. The 1st Amendment does protect free speech to a certain extent, just not on social media. Freedom Forum Institute explains:

The First Amendment protects individuals from government censorship. Social media platforms are private companies, and can censor what people post on their websites as they see fit.

So what can the cannabis community do about this outside of filing lawsuits? Beat the system.

5 Social Media Tips for the Cannabis Industry to Avoid Jails and Restrictions

Doc Hollywood is a censorship genius and his groups prove it. Both focused and centered around cannabis, he has been able to grow these groups by the hundreds each week, resulting in member figures over 300K. The cannabis community faces the fear of pages being deleted and so, we chatted with Doc to get his insight and advice for the cannabis industry.

Here are 5 tips from Doc Hollywood that he used to grow his Facebook groups Cannaworld and Follow the Munchies:

  1. When posting about cannabis, post the strain name only with a gas emoji.
  2. No labels or logos captured in the image/video.
  3. Never promote the sale, for example, don’t say you just bought cannabis, just picked up cannabis, or encourage people to visit dispensaries or cannabis related websites.
  4. No hashtags whatsoever.
  5. When sharing, highlight and show off the cool photo you took vs. focusing on the product and where the product can be found.
Other Ways the Cannabis Industry Can Market Their Products and Service

Social media is important for all businesses but isn’t the only way. Businesses in cannabis can:

  • Publish a blog with SEO content (written for search engines to pick up)
  • Work with influencers
  • Get your brand story told by a writer/publisher

Why published content? Because when shared on social media, it qualifies as an editorial and therefore, not promotional; but also because when people are searching for information, Bing and Google reign supreme.

In Closing

It’s important to think about the content/images posted on social media. In cannabis, one flagged post could mean starting from scratch with building a following that likely took a lot of time and effort to build. Studying demographics also helps. For instance, Social Media Today, a social media news platform shows the following:

  • Gen Z chose Instagram as the platform to follow brands.
  • Baby boomers spend most of their time on YouTube and the Facebook Feed.
  • Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X chose YouTube as the platform they rely on when making purchase decisions.

One day soon, this will no longer be an issue because as always, the plant prevails!


Happy Hour Medicinals

Celebrating the Best Hour of the Day, Stigma-Free

We work tirelessly in an effort to produce the highest quality flower available in Oklahoma. At the end of the day, we’re producing a medicinal product so quality isn’t an option.” 

by Veronica Castillo, Photo Credit: Happy Hour Medicinals– Instagram

I am so happy to be the writer assigned to the small-batch farm series, published by Herbage Magazine. These days, my connections have been intentional, aligned, and necessary. I have been craving stories. I want to hear them, I want to put them into words that we can publish, I want to motivate, encourage, and build community. 

Though my travel to Oklahoma awaits (it’s happening 2021 for sure!), I feel as if I have traveled around the state, learning about some of the best businesses, cultivators, dispensaries, and creatives. Like the folks featured in this piece, Happy Hour MedicinalsLocated in Tulsa, Oklahoma- these folks live a STIGMA FREE lifestyle and say:  

Whether you’re a free-spirited artist type, or you live a more rigid lifestyle, say that of a doctor, lawyer, or architect, all are welcome here. Everyone can appreciate a good happy hour and we want to evoke a feeling through our brand that reflects that most beautifully anticipated part of anyone’s’ workday. 

About Happy Hour Medicinals 

A team described as: “friends, family members, and flat-out hustlers who all know our respective roles and know them well”, is the engine that makes this all possible. The team has over 50 years of collective cultivation experience, 20 years of experience in healthcare and compliance, and multiple backgrounds in design trainingarchitectureconstruction, photography, and world-class graphic design 

The indoor cultivation facility grows 27 strains in rotation and harvests 12-15 per month. And speaking of strains, I asked Tobin, Co-founder and Brand Director of Happy Hour Medicinals, what the team favorite is: 

It seems like everyone on our team has their own favorite. Personally, I love our Orange Cookies, STR8 Lemonade, Kimbo Kush, and Martian Monkey. They all bring something unique to the table. In January, we are harvesting a new strain called Drops of Jupiter that I’m dying to try. The buds are straight-up bright purple. Just gorgeous. 

1620- What it is and What it Represents 

As I looked around Happy Hour Medicinals social media and merch, I noticed 1620 on almost everything. I asked Tobin to fill me in on what 1620 means and represents: 

Anyone who’s ever smoked weed knows that the stoners’ happy hour is set for 4:20 pm. And while we love ourselves some 420, we really wanted to break away from some of the more traditional cliches of stoner culture.  

1620 goes back to the idea that we wanted to create a cannabis-friendly brand that was truly STIGMA FREE. We’d never turn our backs on the tried-and-true traditions of fellow stoners or cannabis lifestyle, but some things seemed to welcome new takes on old traditions.  

If you’re a working professional, say an architect, for instance, you might not want to walk around with a shirt that advertises a giant 420 on it. We hear a lot in this industry about breaking old stigmas. We decided to try and smash them.  

1620 is simply the 24-hour version, or worlds’ clock for 4:20 pm. Here in the states most refer to it as military time but around the world, many cultures use what they refer to as “the worlds’ clock” and we loved that idea. 

I love it too! That is such a way to support the cause, represent the plant, and showcase love for it- without being labeled. 

Last Prisoner Project and Shameless Consumption 2020 

I found a cool video on Happy Hour Medicinals Instagram page, and I had to know more about it. Very diverse in their crafts, in support of meaningful moves within the industry, Tobin shares: 

My creative partner Conrad is one of those guys whose dedication to creativity can’t be taught. He’s not comfortable unless he’s creating and he’s grown up in bands all of his life. I’ve just been a lifelong music enthusiast, especially for hip hop.  

One of my friends in Tampa is a well-known local MC, who I had the good fortune of working with on the backend of another track earlier this year. That working relationship spawned the idea of doing something together for Happy Hour.  

That exploration led us to dig a little deeper in an effort to create a more thoughtful track with some real substance. My wife Bianca had read about the Last Prisoner Project (LPP) earlier this year and we’d been trying to think of unique ways to get involved with them. We believe they’re arguably the worthiest organization in our industry, but we’re still a very young small business and don’t quite have the type of funds available to buy our way into that sort of movement as an official sponsor.  

We still wanted to do something meaningful though and this track seemed like it was at least worth a shot. I introduced Mike and Conrad to one another and together we studied the LPP. Conrad produced the beats, Mike developed the lyrics, and we went for it.  

Honestly, the LPP didn’t even really know we existed until we were done with the track. We sent them a short, one-minute mini-doc that we produced to promote it and they loved it! We had so much fun in the recording studio and we’re really looking forward to seeing Mike and Conrad perform live on stage when that moment presents itself.” 

And shameless consumption, while many of us try to leave politics out of Cannabis talk and all talk really, it’s sort of hard when politics sit right at the head of cannabis legalization. Tobin shared more insight on Shameless Consumption 2020: 

Let’s just say with all the craziness that this election year came with, I thought it’d be a nice break to spin things in a more light-hearted direction. Shameless Consumption is a term I’ve used to describe our stigma-free approach since we started the company. I’ve even begun the trademarking process for another spin-off design campaign. One night while working late in the studio, it sounded funny to me, to use the two words like running mates in an election. Simple as that. Just having some fun. 

In Closing 

Happy Hour Medicinals wants Oklahoma patients to know that they are more than cultivation: 

Many cannabis companies develop a nice logo and then maybe create a promotional t-shirt and a hat. In order to embrace a true lifestyle brand, we wanted to take it much further. In our first year, we have over 50 products in our signature Happy Hour Medicinals™ Goods+Gear line. We are focusing our sights on national expansion in 2021. 

Happy Hour Medicinals is aiming for more pop-up happy hour events all over Oklahoma and has their sight set on Portland and New York City (if the pandemic allows).  

Love Yourself with These Self Care Tips this Valentine’s Day

by Veronica Castillo

Self-care is usually seen as bubble baths, candles, and presents for self. These are great ways to offer thy self some “me time” and relaxation, but is love shallow- sitting right there at the surface? Love is deep and intentional, right? And so, this Valentine’s Day, practice loving self, with self-care that radiates from the deep layer of love. Learn to love yourself deeper with help from the self-care tips below.

1. Start the morning with positive affirmations.

Saying positive affirmations out loud, is self-speaking to self. Too many times, we look outward for love. Our love for self usually depends on others loving us. This stops now! Positive affirmations first thing in the morning sets the vibrations high, the positivity deep, and love radiating from the pores of the skin.

Examples of positive affirmations: I am grateful. I am powerful. I am kind. I am compassionate. I am open to growth. I am open to expansion. I am light. I am love.

Doing this in the mirror is the best way. This might feel weird at first, but that’s only because we are mostly taught to be kind to others, but not to self. As you practice this every day, you’ll feel it and believe it more. As you believe it more, your love for self will start growing and will become a standard self-care ritual.

2. Water in the morning.

Water is essential to life and should be the first thing the body receives for digestion. Self-love and self-care show up in the time we take to care for the bodies that carry us through life. Most of us run to caffeine, sugar, and carbs (I love them all and this was me so, I’m not judging). These things greeting the body first thing, make the body respond sluggish.

When love is radiating from the body- energy, happiness, and alertness are the responses. Sluggish is an indication that the vibration of the body is at a low point. How essential is water to life? Let’s take a look at what Healthline states:

  • Nutrient transportation. Water allows blood circulation, which transports nutrients to your cells and removes waste from them.
  • Thermoregulation. Due to water’s large heat capacity, it limits changes in body temperature in both warm and cold environments.
  • Body lubrication. Water helps lubricate joints and is an essential element of your body’s lubricating fluids, including saliva and gastric, intestinal, respiratory, and urinary mucous.
  • Shock absorbency. Water acts as a shock absorber, protecting organs and tissues by helping maintain cellular shape.
3. Eating fruits and vegetables.

The saying is true, we are what we eat. Many start the day with carbs and fatty meats on their plates. This may make the craving happy, but the deep part of the body, where the body’s vibration lives- isn’t happy. Humans need to eat foods that are electrifying and alive, and those foods are fruits and vegetables.

Colorful foods that nature provides, being digested by the body, is a sign of deep love. Giving our bodies what they need is a sign of so much love and so much care for self. We don’t give kids what they want if we know it’s not good for them. Our bodies deserve that same love, so this valentine’s day, let’s offer it.

4. Go where you are loved.

Some circles vibrate low and that creates low vibrations within the body. Self-love and care is also mindfulness and strength. It takes both to love yourself to the point of cutting out the negative and low, and going where the love and vibes are high.

Like positive affirmations, it may feel weird to be in circles where people pour love into you, but as you continue to allow it, it because normal and appreciated.

5. Sit with silence.

Self-love and self-care can mean silence. The human mind has been under so much stress with regular day to day shifts and changes in personal life. Throw a pandemic on top of it and well, it can be the ingredient that takes the mind into overload.

Love yourself this valentine’s day with a little silence. In this silence, focus on your breathing to stay in the moment and keep the mind quiet. A lot of the noise in life comes from within and so, offering quiet to self is also saying “I love you” to self.

Self-love and self-care require deepness, it happens from an inner vibration- vibing high. Sure, a bath can be the starting point, taking ourselves away and into relaxation but, we have to go deeper. Baths are moments, whereas self-love is a practice.

Practicing being good to ourselves beyond the surface, takes a love that we have to dig for. We have it, we just aren’t taught what to do with it. I hope these self-care tips from love, are a starting point to you loving thy self this valentine’s day and beyond.

Sun Grown in Living Soil

by Veronica Castillo

Small Batch Farm in Oklahoma Highlight: Wild Hare Farms

“We made the decision to grow outdoors under the sun, organically, in living soil and we’ve been striving for maximum sustainability ever since”

Alex, a biologist by trade with a background in corporate oil and gas; and Paige, a photographer, natural minded mama of 3 boys, and 5th generation farmer are the dynamic duo at Wild Hare Farms.

Wild Hare Farms is a small batch, organic, cannabis farm in Purcell, Oklahoma. Small batch farms, also known as craft cannabis farms, are farms that grow plants with mindfulness and close attention paid to each plant.

Alex and Paige are the planners, growers, trimmers, bookkeepers, marketers, and distributors (with a little help from the community during Croptober).Having launched with the freedom to so do under Oklahoma’s 788, they dove right into an industry they believe in: “it’s just us two here working our asses off every single day to make this dream a reality”.

Wild Hare Farms sits on 70 acres in a rural area of Oklahoma, south of Norman. This land has been in Paige’s family for 60 years. On the land, visitors will find an old rusty windmill turning with the wind, buffalo wallows visible in the fields, and the back of the farm fully terraced.

If you know me, then you know I love sun grown cannabis. I fell in love with it while spending time in Oregon. For me, the connection between plant and sun is so important. Indoor is pretty as heck, right? But I can’t help but love the buds that are kissed by the natural sun. Alex and Paige state: “we believe in working with science and nature to consciously cultivate plant medicine that gives back to the earth rather than taking from it”.

Speaking on multiple levels to my vegan heart, I was happy to interview the “scientist and the hippie who fell in love and made a canna business baby”, as Paige puts it. Check out the full interview below.

Please tell me about the start of Wild Hare Farms- was the journey a hard mission?

It definitely wasn’t easy! We saw the legalization of cannabis on the horizon thanks to 788 and knew it was a huge opportunity to get into a brand-new industry that we both believe in. Neither of us has ever been the kind to let opportunity pass us by so we dove into figuring out what it would take to make this happen. We looked to other legalized states to give us an idea of what a mature market could look like in our state. That’s when the benefits of growing sustainably became pretty apparent to us.”

Tell me about the ladies on the farm being kissed by the sun?

Ahhh there’s just something about watching a cannabis plant go from seed to 10+ feet tall in 7 months! The sun grown movement is a shift towards sustainability and giving back to nature. The cool thing about sun grown cannabis is it has to adapt to a wide range of stressors like bugs, weather swings, the intensity of the sun, etc., and the result is a terpene profile that is second to none.

We’ve had up to 17 different terpenes in our strains which is a testament to a life lived outdoors. IPM (integrated pest management) needs to be on point and when done right, sun grown flower is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about sun grown cannabis in Oklahoma.

Some dispensaries won’t even buy outdoor because they think it’s of lesser quality. It’s our mission to grow some of the very best Oklahoma sun grown flower and help educate patients on why it’s important to buy organic, sustainably grown cannabis.

The good news is that we’re not alone and there are some other really great Oklahoma outdoor growers producing amazing plant medicine and spreading the word on sustainability.”

You all are an organic farm- what kind of nutrients do you all use for plant health?

Our plants are grown in 100 gallon living soil fabric pots. Side note: we’re excited about adding some 200-gallon pots next year! The soil in each pot was handmade and mixed by us last year, using locally sourced compost, pumice, coco coir, and various other organic inputs.

We’ve also added fungus, bacteria, and worms to create a truly living soil. We feed those organisms in the soil and in return they feed the plants. The plant communicates with the bacteria and fungus telling them what it needs. In exchange for that service, the plant essentially feeds the microorganisms.

That way, the plant gets what it needs when it needs it. How cool is that?! Our favorite amendments right now are alfalfa meal, neem seed meal, and malted barley. Alfalfa meal has a great N-P-K ratio as well as triacontanol which promotes vigorous plant growth. Neem seed meal also has a great N-P-K and micronutrient balance and is very pest preventative.

So, we foliar spray it before flower as well! Malted barley is full of enzymes that assist the soil microbes in the breakdown of amendments.”

Talk to me about essential oil baths in 80-degree weather. How does this benefit the plant?

In the Oklahoma summers, you’ve got to plan your IPM around the weather. If it’s too hot, foliar sprays can scorch your plant. As far as the essential oils go, we use a mixture of organic garlic and clove oils for their pest resistant terpenes.

Another part of our IPM is foliar sprays with organic food grade enzymes. Growing outdoors requires consistent preventative measures to keep the bugs and mold away but once you have that down, you can grow some amazing flower!

Tell me about sprouted seed tea- bubblin tea. What’s that for and about?
5 Ways Hemp-CBD Can Restore Balance in Your Home by Veronica Castillo

We love making tea for our ladies! We use organic corn and alfalfa seeds for our seed sprouted teas because both contain chemicals that are extremely beneficial to plant growth. This replaces the need to go to the grow store and buy an overpriced bottle of synthetic enzymes.

It’s so easy to make yourself, organic, and better for the environment. The bubbling happens when we make compost tea! We aerate our compost tea for 24-36 hours to produce a bacterial bloom. Watering with compost tea can increase the beneficial bacterial load in your plant’s rhizosphere which promotes overall plant health. We’re really looking forward to trying some homemade KNF (Korean Natural Farming) inputs next year such as fermented fruit and plant juices.

You all trimmed for 12 hours one day, during a storm, with electricity going in and out. What got you all through that?

We knew there would likely be times where the electricity would go out and we knew we didn’t want to be scrambling in the moment to find a solution. We bought a generator earlier in the year and it paid for itself in one day during the ice storm!

Every minute, hour, and day is important during harvest and we couldn’t afford to lose a day of trimming because of no electricity. That was only one of many 12+ hour work days this year that we were forced to overcome a difficult obstacle.

Flexibility, resilience, a lot of sweat and tears, and sheer determination to make this dream work has gotten us through everything so far!

You all aren’t just a cannabis farm; you all grow vegetables too! That speaks to my soul being a vegan cannabis head and all. Are you all huge in plant health and lifestyles?

Yes, we are actually! Alex handed this question over to me (Paige) because I’m a bit of a health fanatic, ha! For real though, I just care SO much about the health of my family, myself, and the planet that it’s hard for me to look the other way when it comes to nutrition and sustainability.

Cannabis is Medicine – A Letter to the Government by Veronica Castillo

We eat mostly plant based and grow as much of our own food as we can on our little homestead. You’ll also find us doing yoga and meditation multiple times a week to help keep our body and mind in healthy working order to handle all the physical and mental requirements it takes to keep this farm running.”

Small batch farm today, does this change in let’s say, 5 years?

We’re looking forward to growing each year but plan to do so in a way that we never lose the craft and sustainability we’re working so hard to achieve. Right now, we’re really enjoying the personal relationship we have with each and every plant we grow and the learning experience that provides. We have big dreams for the future of our farm and strive to be influential in the push toward sustainability in the cannabis community.”

So where can you find Wild Hare Farms flower in Oklahoma? Check out their Instagram page that gets updated with each flower drop!

5 Ways Hemp-CBD Can Bring Balance to the Home During the Covid Pandemic

by Veronica Castillo

It’s obvious and clear in many homes that this pandemic has shifted, and balance within many homes is no longer. Nearly 93% of homes with school-age children report some form of distance learning during COVID-19. Parents and kids are at home at the same time, going to school, and going to work. According to Gallup Panel data, remote work leveled off at 62% in mid-April.

Imagine the home of two working parents, with three kids, in three different grades. I’m no parent, but I’m confident in my assumption that the balance in that home is a little off. By now we have heard that hemp- CBD can be beneficial for treating symptoms of Covid-19, and so this piece is focused on the ways that hemp- CBD can bring balance to the home.

Instead of burnout and getting hammered by screens notifications, reminders, to-do lists, zoom meetings, and frustrated kiddos- add CBD to achieve calmness and balance throughout the home.

Hemp- CBD Basics

Many are familiar with THC and know about CBD, but a little confusion remains. Both are Cannabis- she is the mother plant. THC and CBD are like cousins; THC causes psycho-activity- the high that many have heard about and that many have experienced. THC grows on the marijuana side of the Cannabis plant and CBD grows on the hemp side of the Cannabis plant.

Important to note that CBD can grow on the marijuana side but by law, the CBD on the marijuana side is federally illegal (ridiculous- I know). Federally legal CBD grows from hemp and has 0.3% THC or less. If CBD tests at 0.4% THC- it is no longer hemp in the eyes of the law, it’s marijuana.

CBD provides most of its benefit in the body versus the mind- but still offers a little mental upliftment. Many believe that THC is more powerful but that really depends on the person and the need for consumption. A growing body of research shows that CBD has a multitude of health benefits.

5 Ways Hemp-CBD Can Bring Balance to the Home During the Covid Pandemic

Hemp- CBD Provides Homeostasis

Homeostasis is the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes. CBD oil is known to bring balance in our bodies and minds. The human endocannabinoid system (ECS) is our bodies master homeostatic regulator, helping maintain balance across all the systems in our bodies. CBD is said to promote healthy endocannabinoid functioning.

CBD Boosts Mood

Research shows that consuming CBD will naturally increase the amount of endogenous anandamide in the body. Anandamide is a compound that the body releases when it’s under stress and/or to regulate homeostasis during challenging times. Scientists believe that more anandamide results in less physical and mental pain. CBD does not have any adverse side effects like other stress and relaxation products out there. It only promotes joy, calmness, and relief.

CBD Balances Health

CBD helps the body function so that the mind can function. The mind and body connection is a real thing and so, eating well and consuming essential vitamin and nutrients is important. CBD oil is a natural source of essential vitamins and minerals like:

  • B complex vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

Hemp and CBD Aid in Healthy Gut

Hemp- CBD can work as a probiotic and help clean up the gut- which controls everything! A healthy gut is essential for a clear functioning brain. Those with anxiety and depression may benefit from consuming hemp seeds, hemp/CBD oil, hemp/ CBD tea, etc. When the body is happy- the mind is happy.

Hemp Seeds for Brain Food

Hemp seeds are loaded with omegas. Many assume that eating fish is the only way to get brain food but that’s not the case. Hemp seeds are miracles- loaded with omega’s 3-6-9, a handful of these babies will lift your brain into happy functioning. Happy brain could mean happy mood and happy mood could create balance.


Hemp CBD consumption very impactful. CBD has the power to treat just about everything- including lack of balance in the home. Remember, hemp CBD is totally legal and shippable in the U.S. CBD will not provide a high like THC will- just relaxation, stress relief, happy gut, happy mind, and so much more.

Herbs have been healing us for years, and now that hemp has been freed from prohibition, we can benefit from the super seed/plant/flower/stem/leaf to achieve total life balance- especially during the 2020 we have all experienced: pandemic, summer snow, wild fires, fall fires, and a horrific hurricane season. CBD can help achieve home, work, life, balance.

Cannabis is Medicine- Like It or Not, A Letter to the Government

by Veronica Castillo

Dear United States Government,

Many of us grew up in a time where weed/ marijuana/ cannabis was taught to be negative; a bad drug. Remember the fried egg commercial: “this is your brain (whole egg), this is your brain on drugs (cracked egg frying), any questions”? Such loads of buffalo crap when focusing on Cannabis and the human body.

What I know for sure is that alcohol was never a part of that message and those like it. We have a huge double standard out here on the West of the globe. For the most part, doctors push prescription meds instead of plant meds, holistic coaches are under appreciated, and instead of recommending plants- healthcare here in the U.S prefers the masking method: a pill for this condition and another for the side effects of the 1st one, then another for the side effects of the 1st two and so on.

In this country, you- the U.S government, glorify the consumption of alcohol. I mean go to many parties, events, and even corporate gatherings- and liquor will be found and there is a dance and celebration around it. Go to a team outing and liquor is allowed to be expensed. Taking a flight? Alcohol is available on your way to the airport, it is available in the airport, and even on the plane-no prescription needed, no recommendation necessary. Note that there are 0 medicinal benefits for alcohol, yet, you allowed prohibition of that deadly and non-medicinal drug to be no more.

Cannabis treats a number of conditions, and in my opinion, there is nothing that Cannabis can’t help with. M.S, migraine, depression, anxiety, cancer, PTSD, and many more- all of which are protected by ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and yet ADA doesn’t protect Cannabis patients- shame on you!

“But Cannabis alters your mind”, so does love. “Smoking causes cancer”, possibly, but you don’t have to “smoke” Cannabis. “Legal Cannabis means more crime”, definitely a lie proved by bodies of research out there. I believe that lies were created to scare us, like the author of “It’s all thought” says:

We are headed into 2021, and there are mountains of research that show and prove the medicinal benefits of Cannabis. It’s time for full legalization- no more prohibition! For those that smoke, eat, vape, etc. Cannabis, regardless of the intention of use- those folks are treating- maybe even before needed, like a preventative. Cannabis is medicine no matter the reason for consumption!

With over half of the states legalizing for medicine, and the growing number of states legalizing Cannabis for recreational consumption, we the plant loving people of America demand that you CUT THE CRAP AND THE LIES AND LEGALIZE A PLANT THAT WILL SAVE LIVES! U.S government, it is your duty to protect and serve and instead you are dictating and harming!

This country seems to be run like a corporate business- FOR PROFIT. From a profit perspective, I see your ugly agenda. You can’t have a world filled with happy people in no pain because pain means money, i.e.: hospitals, pharmacies, and the makers of the poison that many doctors push.

Hemp has been released from the governments jail and we are becoming more accepting of CBD but- you- U.S government, are still so scared of THC. Alcohol can turn into “drunk” and pills can turn into an “opioid high”, which both alter the mind, body movements, and voice.

Are you against Cannabis THC because THC helps broaden perception and perspective and you don’t want free thinking people? Too scared that society will connect and see through your tom foolery?

Final Thoughts

You- U.S government say that THC is habit forming and therefore bad- yet, morphine is legal and used. You say that THC is a narcotic and therefore illegal- yet, Percocet/Oxy are legal and used. To me, the bigger lie is that the drugs above are schedule II- meaning they have medicinal value. THC- schedule I- meaning no medicinal value- I call B.S! And I am not the only one.


Smart Eating for Munchies & Lunch Idea’s for the Mid-Day Hig

by Veronica Castillo

For some people, Cannabis is consumed for assistance with appetite, for example, cancer patients. For many people, the increase in appetite is not desired and actually keeps some from consuming Cannabis. Regardless of the reason, when the munchies hit, what we eat shouldn’t be bad. It may taste great but is there any value?

The craving for a chocolate bar is normal but 3 of them may be over doing. It’s important to have healthy options nearby when the effects of the Cannabis sesh kick in. There should be healthy and satisfying meal options here to choose from: fruits, veggies, natural sugar, and water.  Plants and hydration usually don’t fail.

Instead what happens is people run to the local store to grab bags of chips, multiple candy bars, and slushies. For someone who consumes often, these choices will cause pain later if weight gain isn’t the goal. The more fulfilling way is to meal and snack prep the healthy way.

3 Healthy Lunch Ideas for the Munchies

  • Chickpea salad/ mashed chickpea- very filling! Grab a can of chickpea/garbanzo beans, drain and mash them, add a little Italian dressing and garlic powder, add chopped peppers or relish and onions, and add a little mustard if you wish. You can eat alone- with nut crackers, on a corn tortilla, over your lettuce/salad.
  • Cucumber salad; chop up a cucumber, use a little Italian dressing, add tomato, avocado, onions- basically your favorite raw veggies.
  • Sautéed mixed veggies- or maybe you want to eat them raw. Use Italian dressing, it adds so much simple flavor to foods.

These options are packed with natures greatness and serve as both food and medicine. It’s important to keep the good flow of greens in the body. Consuming Cannabis and then eating bad foods, is a little backwards in the treatment of the body. Smoke up, but eat well.

Cannabis and Weight Loss Part 3

Cannabis strains that can help achieve weight loss goals

by Veronica Castillo

Cannabis causes the munchies” is not all the way true. A lot of people believe that Cannabis leads to automatic munchies but, it’s important to point out that Cannabis can treat us all a little different from one another. Some get no munchies at all and others- get munchies no matter what. The most important thing is no matter if the munchies come or go- when making food choices- healthy food.

Cannabis can aid in weight management and weight loss– remember that terpenes and cannabinoids also work magic on the body! Terpenes and cannabinoids are responsible for many of the effects that Cannabis provides. People focus mainly on Sativa vs. Indica, and though important, focus should be placed on terpenes profiles as well.

There is a lovely relationship between Cannabis, health, and nutrition. Certified Cannacian and Wellness Coach has person experience consuming Cannabis to aid in weight loss and health:

Through my own experience with a daily cannabidiol regimen and a convenient nutrition plan, I have been able to successfully free my body from over ten prescriptions, countless over the counter medications, and accelorated my weight loss to celebrate 125lbs lost”.

Marijuana Break reports the following cannabis strains for weight loss management:

  • Durban Poison- Sativa dominant
  • Blue Dream- Sativa dominant
  • Grapefruit- Sativa dominant
  • Northern Lights- Indica dominant
  • Cherry Pie- Indica dominant

As for terpenes, Humulene reigns supreme for appetite suppressing properties. The presence of humulene in a Cannabis strain means that one can suppress their appetite and encourage healthy weight loss.

As a reminder, Cannabis alone may not get you to your weight loss goals. Cannabis consumed alongside exercise and healthy diet is the best way toward healthy and long-lasting results. It’s not just the plant that we have to learn- we have to learn the truth about the food we eat. Half of it isn’t really food and we are doing more harm than good.

Plants on plants on plants is how we will save ourselves, and the planet.

Cannabis and Weight Loss Part 2

3 Ways Cannabis Can Aid in Weight Loss

by Veronica Castillo

The NCBI published an article in 2018 on the theory of hemp- CBD in different forms, and its impact on obesity and other health issues. The in-depth analysis stated that CBD has been proven to reduce appetite and well- reduction of appetite is important for weight loss. There are many that know this from experience and without the research- like me. I discovered through the love of getting medicated for migraines, that Cannabis can aid in weight loss read here.

Here are three ways that Cannabis helps with weight loss, and again, it’s much more impactful when diet and exercise is also considered and applied.

1- Cannabis is great for inflammatory relief. Sometimes pain hurts too much to even walk, let alone workout. Inflammation also causes swelling and swelling can cause water retention. With Cannabis impacting inflammation alone, the path to weight loss becomes less burdensome. Cannabis is also loaded with antioxidant benefits which lowers blood sugars.

2- Eating Cannabis means eating super greens, and super greens might as well be considered the foundation of healthy lifestyle which includes, healthy weight. Cannabis qualifies as a super green and superfood. It’s packed with phytochemicals rarely seen in other plants. Emerging reports have suggested that phytochemical-based diets may reduce adipose tissue growth, differentiation of pre-adipocytes, and appetite, as well as promote lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation, thereby facilitating weight loss.

3- Cannabis is fiber and therefore consuming the leaves, raw bud, and even soaking the plant to create a tea- means cleansing! We all know fiber is the cleanser of the insides- removing all the… let’s just say- toxins- out of the body. Fiber is essential for liver detoxification, and has been shown to increase the activity of antioxidant and detox enzymes in the liver; and we all know detox is key for the initiation of the journey toward weight loss.

Cannabis is like a miracle. This one plant helps with so much. Many of the rumors are that she causes munchies and may cause weight gain- but the next piece in the series will discuss strains that have been known to help with weight loss goals.