Dinner Time Munchies- 5 Healthy Meal Ideas

by Veronica Castillo

Many people leave work and can’t wait to get home for their- release the day sesh. Evening munchies are the trickiest because, after a long hard day at work, why would you tell yourself no? After saying yes to everyone else, why would a no be ok for you?

Well, focus it on health and you can have just about whatever you want. The goal here is to consume a nice comfortable, flavored, delicious meal when those munchies say hello. Many confuse this with quantity; we don’t need huge and heavy plates. We need colorful electrifying plates loaded with nature. When Cannabis is consumed to heal, the food ingested should be focused on the same.

Here are 5 healthy dinner time meal ideas to send your body into the night with light, lifted, happiness.

  • Grits (ya’ll know I’m a southern girl): topped with a protein and a green veggie. Tip: chopped celery, onions, and peppers go really good with grits. Try it with avocado! This is a great anytime of the day meal.
  • Loaded mushroom caps: sauté and/or bake the caps. If you like them raw- it’s fine to eat that way. Add some other veggies like corn (well this is a starch- but works), chopped carrots, spinach, boiled potatoes- whatever your pleasure- on top of the cap.
  • Dairy-free DIY Pizza: grab a premade pizza crust (for carb control substitute crust for tortilla’s). Make a homemade pizza sauce (blender, tomatoes, chopped garlic, arrowroot (for thickness), fresh basil, and spices). Your favorite veggies- chopped and sautéed on stove for toppings (squash, zucchini, peppers, onions, fire roasted tomatoes, and mushrooms used in photo). Bake on 350 until crust begins to brown.
  • No Mayo, No Egg Potato Salad: 4 large potatoes, boiled, mashed, and mixed with mustard, turmeric, olive oil, and garlic- let cool. For no oil diets, use a savory vinaigrette, and add your choice of chopped veggies seasoned with salt, pepper, and Greek seasoning. Drizzle Italian dressing over the top. If the concept of no egg is too much, add cooked tofu.
  • Sautéed/ boiled cabbage: chop and cook the cabbage- add seasoning, and if sauteed, other chopped veggies. This is so light that you can eat the whole cabbage head and not feel bad- heck, pair it with spinach.


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