Smart Eating for Munchies & Lunch Idea’s for the Mid-Day Hig

by Veronica Castillo

For some people, Cannabis is consumed for assistance with appetite, for example, cancer patients. For many people, the increase in appetite is not desired and actually keeps some from consuming Cannabis. Regardless of the reason, when the munchies hit, what we eat shouldn’t be bad. It may taste great but is there any value?

The craving for a chocolate bar is normal but 3 of them may be over doing. It’s important to have healthy options nearby when the effects of the Cannabis sesh kick in. There should be healthy and satisfying meal options here to choose from: fruits, veggies, natural sugar, and water.  Plants and hydration usually don’t fail.

Instead what happens is people run to the local store to grab bags of chips, multiple candy bars, and slushies. For someone who consumes often, these choices will cause pain later if weight gain isn’t the goal. The more fulfilling way is to meal and snack prep the healthy way.

3 Healthy Lunch Ideas for the Munchies

  • Chickpea salad/ mashed chickpea- very filling! Grab a can of chickpea/garbanzo beans, drain and mash them, add a little Italian dressing and garlic powder, add chopped peppers or relish and onions, and add a little mustard if you wish. You can eat alone- with nut crackers, on a corn tortilla, over your lettuce/salad.
  • Cucumber salad; chop up a cucumber, use a little Italian dressing, add tomato, avocado, onions- basically your favorite raw veggies.
  • Sautéed mixed veggies- or maybe you want to eat them raw. Use Italian dressing, it adds so much simple flavor to foods.

These options are packed with natures greatness and serve as both food and medicine. It’s important to keep the good flow of greens in the body. Consuming Cannabis and then eating bad foods, is a little backwards in the treatment of the body. Smoke up, but eat well.

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