Get Me Out of Here


By James Bridges

The car was directly across from me at the stop light. With tears from the heavens washing over our vehicles we patiently waited for the light to turn. The ridiculousness of the situation revealed itself as our two lonely and drenched vehicles sat waiting on an empty street for a light to tell us when it was safe to continue moving. Need I say more?…

The music was vibing and the rain kept pouring. Sitting in the driver’s seat with no apparent goal in mind, I felt the need to drift into what I like to call escape mode.

At an early age I developed something in my mind. I have no clue as to how. However, it happened and it works. For the most part…

It’s the same reason some have no television. I can put myself into a dream-like state and at the same time function as an active member of our society. I’ve often wondered if I were chasing something inside for no apparent reason. Then I start to remember.

My dad was always there for me when the time came. He was dependable. He was a bit old school with his sternness, but it was required. He always seemed to step up to the plate when things needed to be done. He taught me something as a child. He would tell me things like, “pain is only in your head,” or “you sleep when you die.”

He was definitely on to something.

That’s when I discovered the escape.

As an adult I am able to tap into that “escape” constantly. At one point in my life I could see it becoming more of a problem than a solution. So, I decided to change the way I go into the escape.

I hyperfocus.

It’s still somewhat of an “escape”. But you should really see some of the $hit going on inside.

What helps me do that? Cannabis.

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