Lotus Letters – Disclosure

Lotus Letters – Disclosure

Lotus Letters


By Kathy Long-Barker

Winding tunnels of light lead you aimlessly…you aren’t quite sure where you’re going, how you got here, or even where ‘here’ is, but it’s beautiful. Myriads of calydiscoping colors wrap you up in a warm sense of wellbeing and unconditional love. The next thing you know you’re waking up. You haven’t opened your eyes yet, but you know you’ve just been dreaming. Or were you? Finally you open your eyes and notice you can’t see the darkness, the sheets or even the walls. Just those colors, and in an instant, that feeling of perfect love wraps around you once more as you smile and relax into your pillow. 

[begin telepathic lotus letter transmission]

Dearest Darling Divine,

We’re so proud of you for all that you’ve done. Every smile, every hug. Each act of kindness. Your impact is infinite and felt by all. Don’t worry about figuring out a specific “life Purpose.” Many of us now have come to this planet to simply be alive, anchor in the cosmic energies and hold space for those that are waking. We are the third wave. The indigos, the rainbow children, the starseeds, fae, and earth angels among other fractals of source consciousness. If while reading this you are feeling goosebumps, tingles, temperature flux, hearing a sudden sharp ringing in one or both ears, or feeling nausea and or an abrupt pressure behind your third eye, your attention is being tapped. This pertains to you, love. 

Not too long from now, confusion and fear may surround like a darkening wall cloud. Truths will be told, secrets revealed, and rage triggered in so many. So much has been kept from us for so long. You are so much more than you think, and we as a civilization are far, far, more advanced than they are leading us to believe. 

Keep in mind, fear only has any power over us if we allow it. Furthermore, panic will not protect you from anything. Remember your breath, and focus on it. Remember your sovereignty, every choice is yours whether it be difficult or otherwise. Remember that you are a light in the dark for so many who will be afraid. Eventually they will come seeking answers, because the ‘powers that be’ will be revealed for their true colors.

Teach them of love and compassion. Teach them to breathe, to forgive, and to let go.
All the while we suggest you keep your eyes on the sky. But also keep a sharp eye when dreaming. Be aware of synchronicities, of numbers or animals. Take notice of the random encounters with people. What do they say to you? What has been weighing heavily on your mind recently? Does it coincide?
We are here with you now, and we love you deeply.

Our presence is drawing nearer to be more widely known.

Until we read again, the YOUniverse. 

Many channelers across the board are offering similar advice. Don’t go panic buying, however: start stocking up on canned goods. Pick up a few each time you’re at the grocery. Pick up some extra water. Have the necessities. If you were to lose your electricity for more than five days, are you prepared for that? Again, if or when it seems bad, don’t be afraid. Be kind. But also, be prepared.

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