Hi My Name Is

Hi My Name Is

by James Bridges | Herbage Magazine

Moving around the country has never been a problem for me.  It’s nearly impossible for me to comprehend the words, “stay put”. It’s how I’ve come to learn that adaptation is not simply about evolving to your environment.  It’s more about introducing yourself into that environment in a way that you feel comfortable enough to make yourself “at home”.

March ’21 Strain of the Month, by James Bridges

I think it was something infused into my bloodstream as I was that little pod waiting to enter this strange new world and it is the need to connect with my neighbors.  It’s how I roll.  It’s how I get by. It’s one of the largest factors that drives my lifestyle.  It’s the need to connect and know the people and for them to know me.

After a spell in Ventura county I made the next stop on my life journey to north Texas.  I found myself living in a state I grew up learning was Oklahoma’s nemesis.  I knew no one.  So I did what I always have done.  I proved some people wrong and landed a job the day I landed in Texas.

I was under the strong impression that I was in the right place when my future management told me that if I “smoke weed then just drink a ton of water for a week and get back to us.”  I looked at the kind gentleman and replied with a smirk, “I got this.”

Long story, short…a visit to my local GNC store for some cleansing niacin, my jug of water, two days later, I was at work.

Where Did You Get All That Drip, by James Bridges

A couple of weeks after I started I began making friends on the floor with my peers.  But the group I wanted to hang with were the managers.  I knew they smoked and I could relate.  Plus, even then, I knew the meaning of the word “pals”.  It was charity poker night and I had an idea.  I went home and cleaned out my 61’ Chevy.  I pulled up to the office to pick some people up.  I knew the bosses would be there.  They both turned and noticed as I drove around.  Yep, there’s the nibble.  They’ve almost taken the bait.

Later that night I dropped them both off as they were hugging me.  It was a great night.

No matter what someone looks like.  No matter how intimidating the thought of having a conversation with someone might seem.  No matter how much money someone has.  No matter the color of the skin.  No matter the age.  We all have something in common.  We all want connectivity.  Well…there might be a few of you wanting to be alone for the rest of your existence….okay, wish granted…. But for the rest of us, it’s important to connect.

Can we just get back to that?