I Love Her


by James Bridges

When I was very young I would travel, a lot, with my grandparents. To this day I can still smell the morning dew on the ground as I head to the showers. I loved it.

We did a ton of connecting with nature and learning about things. I never really knew I wanted to learn about them. I was twelve. Let’s face it. I had no idea…

I was never really afraid of snakes during those travels. Spiders were another thing. I was and am still frightened by the mere thought of a spider on me. So much so that as a child I was convinced that if I joined the “National Spider Sniffing Club” and vowed to never kill a spider they would leave me alone. Hold on a sec. I see a spider in my peripheral vision as I write this. There… Squashed.

Anywho… Where was I? Oh yes. Snakes.

I may have never really been afraid of snakes, but I never even dreamed of laying down next to one.

As of late I have found myself in too much of a rush to smell the flowers on the way. We can all get there at times. It’s called “autopilot” mode. I needed to slow down. So naturally I visited one of my local favorite spots to discuss this very significant matter, Local Leaf RX in Tecumseh, OK.

Leah, look for the badass chick in charge, down at Local Leaf RX suggested I try the Black Mamba. “You wanna slow down baby? Take this home.” I can’t resist a smile like that. Especially when it has weed with it.

So I did what she said. That is if my home were the riverside that is roughly less than a stone’s throw away from the purchase. Zip, zip…

It has been a long weekend of fun in the rain and a ton of deadlines have been broken. I was contacted by people I didn’t need in my life any longer. I had a bill collector mistake me for someone else and then argue with me that I am in fact the person he is looking for. I was beginning to have some issues with my car. Life shit. Fake life shit. The screw was turning and turning. Here we go.

As I greeted the snake into my realm I forgot about those things which bothered me. I noticed a hug. Was it my imagination? The scales were shiny and looked hardened. Surprisingly they felt like pillows. The sweet scent of her tongue was too powerful to resist as she looked me in the eyes. I asked her if she had been dipped in grapes as I tasted the strong purple pouring into my lungs. She was beautiful and I was in love.
I’ve been in this situation before. This time I’m not looking away. I’m not going to find something to pick me back up. I’m going to lay here with this wonderful black snake as long as I possibly can and drift…off…to…sleep.

The Black Mamba strain grown by Local Leaf Cultivation is my Strain of the month for July.


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