What is a Seizure?

by Tab Moura

What is a seizure?

A seizure is when one or more of your neurons suddenly depolarize, before rapidly re-polarizing, causing an event (a seizure). Put simply, a seizure is when your brain cells are overreacting to stimuli, which leads to a power surge. What causes the sudden spike in brain cell drama? Well, that’s different for everyone; some people cannot handle lemons or sugar, for others the cause may never be narrowed down. After 3 years of managing my epilepsy, I’ve learned a few of my stressors. While cannabis has been a significant support for my pain and epilepsy, medication was not my biggest game changer. Two of my primary epilepsy stressors are electronics and corn. We learned this with trial and error, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. I did try meds, and they gave me seizures too. “Officially” my Epilepsy is intractable; unofficially I’m healthier than I’ve ever been pharma-free, because the seizure meds have ingredients I cannot handle.

Let me be frank, I tried eliminating so many things. I was in a low place, and that powerlessness made me humble. I wouldn’t have called myself a natural person back then, but I got crunchy in a hurry. My youngest was a year old, the neurological symptoms probably increased after her birth. I wasn’t crazy, I was dying inside, slowly losing my mind. I was living my life, like everyone else, and suddenly it wasn’t working anymore. If it wasn’t oxygen or water, I was willing to part with it… I just wanted to be alive.


So I don’t play video games anymore, I hardly watch the screen when the TV is on. And I cut out Corn, and it’s children Ethanol, Maltodextrin, Popcorn, Corn Syrup, Cornstarch, etc… because it helped. I share all of this, because I’m not special, I’m just one of those people who asked themselves the question we all wonder at one time or another while pursuing wellness… “will this make a difference?” And I just didn’t stop asking. We are all different; different ethnicities, different ancestors, different genetics.

As it turns out, I’m photosensitive and very allergic to corn. Not everyone is like me, but I’m sure there is something that gives you trouble, or gives you relief, that is unique to you as well. I don’t focus on what I’m missing, corn just isn’t a food to me anymore. What a gift that our bodies are able to communicate these things to us.


Cutting out so many food products taught me a lot about perspective. While my food world had to get smaller in order to become healthier, I did get healthier. If it’s not meant for you, it’s just not meant for you… take it from me, popcorn can be replaced…but you cannot.