Focusing on Wellness

by Tab Moura

It’s the way the wind blows while I’m dabbing the Ambrosia. It’s the caryophyllene scented sunset after a sweaty day’s work. It’s the smell of limonene while I watch the mist rise off of the pond… it’s not just a medicine, it’s more than a medicine. It’s part of the backdrop of my life.


Cannabis therapy is a relatively old concept; this plant has evolved some over time, but the power of the plant has remained consistent. For me, using this medicine has become second nature, and like many of you, I feel it’s medicine and generally enjoyable as well.

I was sitting with my best friend yesterday, comparing terp profiles, sampling each other’s grams and chilling on my porch. Where is the line between recreation and medicine? I used to think I knew, but now I’m not sure it even exists. The plant we call cannabis is beneficial for the body, whether we use it strategically or not… so while I do believe that our intentions matter, the term “recreational” cannabis is honestly insulting to the plant. One of my mentors, Dr Regina Nelson (ECS Therapy Center) explained how she prefers to use the terms “casual use” and “focused use.”


Why do these distinctions matter in the grand scheme of things? We know that unlike recreational vs medicinal uses of other controlled substances, cannabis is always therapeutic due to how it directly supports the Endocannabinoid system. I cannot speak for synthetic products, or products that are sometimes paired with cannabis, but I can tell you that overstimulation of the Endocannabinoid system is not lethal, though I know it’s very uncomfortable.


And that just brings me back to recreational vs medicinal, and how it just doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s best interest, except those who wish to perpetuate the narrative that cannabis is still a big baddie. I prefer the terms casual and focused, because I believe it’s ok to enjoy a substance that supports your wellness. This is how I feel about food, and this is how I feel about cannabis. Just because I learned how to cook well, making my food delicious *and* healthy, doesn’t mean it’s nutrition doesn’t count… and why are we so ok talking about food this way also, healthy food and junk food— as though food should be anything BUT nutritious for us.


I’m an advocate for easy access to information, and

freedom to weigh that information as we see fit. And I believe that if we truly taught health, we wouldn’t see such disparities: “recreational vs medicinal”, or ”healthy food vs junk food…” Speaking as someone with a ton of food sensitivities and allergies, I still manage to eat treats (hello ice cream and brownies), and I refuse to call them junk… because their ingredients aren’t junk. Just like how I recommend becoming familiar with lab testing for cannabis, I am a big advocate for reading your ingredient labels. Know what you’re eating, and if you don’t know what it is… it’s time to find out. Wellness is a scale, and every choice, whether it’s beneficial or not, is carried with us. The things we keep around us become part of the fabric of our lives, literally and metaphorically.

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