It All Starts On a DIME

It All Starts On a DIME

By Carisa Rowe

Dime Industries took cannabis vaping to the next level when they created their proprietary vape batteries and cartridges. Initially a white labeling company, they purchased empty cartridges and filled them with cannabis oil under a variety of brand names. The early technology for vaping was flawed, however, and before long they were receiving consumer complaints, most of which related to the low-quality consumption tools available.  

Armed with stacks of feedback about the poor performance of vape products, Dime set to work to reinvent combustible THC.


In identifying the problems plaguing cannabis vape customers, Dime settled on four areas of improvement: low efficacy of cannabinoids (patients not feeling “high enough”), poor airflow when drawing in vapor, “leftover” oil in the cartridge, and flavor change. To combat these, Dime Industries put some impressive science to work. Their luxury vape pens deliver a reliable dosing effect with every drag thanks to solutions such as a long-life 650mAH battery to deliver stable power throughout their dual heating elements. 

These inverted ceramic plates are recessed into a steel atomizer which prevents overcooking the oil on exposed heating elements. The atomizer’s intake ports were redesigned to increase airflow and deliver a full drag from the first dose to the very last. All of these food grade components, including the glass tanks themselves have been thoughtfully designed to transform cannabis vaping into an experience that consumers can look forward to. 

Dime wants customers to carry their products with confidence. Their teams are prepared to guide consumers through the sometimes-complicated world of cannabis therapy. The company has a rich curriculum designed for budtenders concerning cannabinoids, terpenes, concentrates, and consumption methods. This curriculum includes detailed information about Dime’s products so that retailers and consumers can make informed choices about the products they purchase. Their unique flavor profiles feature cannabis derived terpenes as well as botanical and fruit terpenes. The company maintains ten exclusive vape flavors and features three or four limited edition flavors such as Royal Pear. 

Dime’s Director of Operations, Sarah Edwards, says that the company is looking forward to customer engagement in the coming months. Since launching out of Tulsa in February 2021, the company has been making a big impression in Oklahoma. Dime has been educating consumers at events around the state, including The Cowboy Cup this December. They welcome consumers to stop by and learn for themselves why Dime considers itself curators of luxury cannabis.