Lotus Letters – Heart smile


Lotus Letters

Heart smile

By Kathy Long-Barker

“Another cup?” Came the waiting question. Howligree stared perplexed, blinking after a moment of silence.

“I say, tea my good star, do you want more?”

Blinking out of the zone you once floated through you nodded. After all why shouldn’t you? No time was a bad time for tea. The Sphinx poured a long stream of chai before sliding the cup and an envelope your way. 

“Don’t gimme those eyebrows, just open it.” She tutted. 

Dearest daring divine,

What’s with the long face? Now wait, wait just a minute… maybe that’s stupefaction. Indifference? Either way it won’t do, where’s your heart smile? 

I’m guessing you’re probably wondering again. Ah humans, so full of it. Wonder I mean. 

Now then, let me explain. 

A being can wear a smile against their skin all day long and little do many know, it’s not genuine! Sure, the corners of the mouth are upturned. One might even be skilled enough to mock a bubbly disposition. But we’re moving into the age of vibration, babes. An imposter vibe never lies, and besides, sitting in your own furshlugginer frequency is a war on self care. We’ve already established, you too are deserving of your own love. I’m not a fan of repeating myself, but by golly don’t think I won’t!

I’m going to teach you about your heart smile, or more widely known as the ‘inner smile.’ Did you know it’s impossible to be a grump when you’re practicing gratitude? It’s the same when you’re smiling from your heart! Why do I get the feeling you’re testing this theory? Stop it, you look like Jack Nicholson on house arrest.


I’m serious! Give it a proper go. Take a deep breath in, close your eyes and think of a memory that never fails to make you beam. If you’re honestly doing it, you should be pretty vulnerable right now, reliving that private moment of joy. Good. Soak up that feeling and try and describe it to yourself. In my experience, it’s like an unconditional warmth with attachment to nothing. It’s Just being mindful within positivity. You’re thankful for that moment are you not? Well there you go, gratitude is part of the experience. 

Take this base feeling, along with your awareness and place it in the area where your heart sits. Now imagine your heart has a mouth if it’s own and 1…2…3…smile. Beam it outward star child, radiate that golden gratitude to each organ until you reach the air. Then smile at the wind. Ride that gust until you meet the rain, then smile at the thunder and keep on going. 

When you open your eyes you might feel like whatever was weighing you down isn’t so pivotal. Things have a way of working themselves out if only you trust them to. 

Whenever you feel lonely, whenever you feel afraid, just cast your heart smile. Hey that’s kind of like a general purpose Patronus charm! 

Always, the YOUniverse. 

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