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Every Voice Counts…

   While the cry for equality has been shouted for many years and for many reasons, I find it highly appropriate that the crumbling of cannabis prohibition is taking place side by side with the erosion of other pedjustices that have lasted much too long. Social Justice and Cannabis Justice both have a long history of working toward the same goals; freedom, recognition and the elimination of ignorance that helps build bigotry in the first place.

     When I was in High School, I sold a lot of cannabis. Shocker, I know. Stay with me here. There is a point to this statement. I sold cannabis to cheerleaders, hoods, soc’s, greasers, jocks, nerds, dead heads, hippies, goths and those who didn’t really fit into any group. I actually got along with the last group the best. From my perspective, I found it interesting that most of the members of each clique stayed away from those not in their tribe. And when they did, it often ended in a melee of some sort. But what really made me laugh was the fact they all came to me for some herb. The love of cannabis was the one thing they all had in common. We really are more alike than we are different.

     These are strange days indeed, as the line goes. Social Media platforms are replacing reliable news sources. The health of the planet and its occupants is in jeopardy. Both physical and mental. Cannabis can help heal the planet and its inhabitants. Biofuel, Hemp based production vs wood and plastics, Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp livestock feed are just a small example of how cannabis can help fix a broken planet.

     But in order for Cannabis to take the lead in this, it will need the help of many more advocates and educators. It will take people from a variety of backgrounds and belief systems. But in the end, isn’t that the point of having a civilization to begin with.

     Speak about your cannabis experiences. Listen to others talk about theirs. Remember, everyone has a voice.   

-Uncle Chuck   




Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan

A middle aged cannabis advocate living in central Oklahoma. 

Founder of Uncle Chuck’s Cannabis Camp ( theuccc.com )


Cannabis Advocate, Educator, and Consultant 

A friend of the leaf for over 35 years