Positively Zenoa


Positively Zenoa

By Carisa Rowe

Zenoa believes in clean medicine. The founders, Dave Zanon and George Ulloa, began their cannabis journey as caregivers, working with fellow advocates to develop a collective serving medical cannabis patients. The collective cultivated medical grade cannabis for its patients and provided information and tools intended to assist individuals on their journey to health. 

Eleven years’ experience as caregivers and cultivators earned these fellows a lot of insight into the importance of pure medicine.Witnessing the healing benefits of clean cannabis time and time again helped impassion Dave and George to develop Zenoa for Oklahoma’s medical marijuana patients. 

Portrait of Dave Zanon by Cased God

Zenoa maintains strict standards in their Edmond facility, prioritizing cleanliness and quality above everything. This big operation maintains four, 50-light flower rooms as well as the supporting nurseries necessary to stock such a big garden. Every three weeks, Zenoa’s crews harvest one of these rooms and hang hundreds of cannabis plants to dry. Resetting the room for the next cycle involves an aggressive sterilization regimen but Dave explains how an ounce of prevention can save hundreds of pounds, literally. 

Zenoa’s cultivation process is unique, one that combines a little bit of organic technique with botanical science. The plants are grown hydroponically in sterilized coco coir, a measure that helps them maintain a clean facility. The Zenoa team introduces biologics to the coco coir to maintain a healthy rhizosphere – a practice that is typically only maintained by organic soil growers. This extra effort aids the plant’s roots in uptake of nutrients so that every plant is as healthy as possible before harvest. This blended cultivation technique came about when Dave’s first harvest was, as he put it, “not up to standard”.  Dave and team recovered quickly from that first let down by focusing on where to improve rather than where they had failed. 

Zeona Team by Cased God

Focusing on improvement has facilitated rapid growth for Zenoa in Oklahoma’s cannabis industry. Their focus on positivity, wellness, and improvement have earned them much respect among their colleagues and consumers. To answer the demand for more of their high-quality flower, the cultivation facility is doubling its production to 400 lights. Expanding operations provides them with space to curate new choices for Oklahoma’s consumers. The larger operation will feature space to phenotype new varieties to add to their library of genetics, which currently features verified exotics and carefully bred in-house crosses.

Zenoa fans will soon be able to get special access to the brand by visiting their new partners, Electraleaf, at the store’s Oklahoma City location. Zenoa’s flower will be featured in a dedicated installment at the midtown store, along with collaborations like the one they have coming with Simply Bare, LLC and organic, cruelty-free skincare line. This partnership is a big step toward connecting with their consumers more, something that Zenoa knows is all too valuable on the journey to wellness. 

Folks seeking to connect with Zenoa are invited to visit their lounge at The Cowboy Cup this year. They have curated a chill environment aimed at providing a clean, safe space for visitors to relax and unwind in the middle of so much excitement.

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