Strain of Month – Dear James

Strain of Month – Dear James

Dear James,

It’s me from the future. Before you go on a wild goose chase for some of the best medicine, please consider the possibility of me communicating in this very unusual fashion.

About two weeks ago you were on a mission to find seeds for a fellow enthusiast. While on this journey you picked up a pre-roll that brought you back to one of your all time favorites strains. The essence of sweet and sour lemon and tangie could not be ignored any longer. You felt the strongest urge to find the best Tropicana Cookies in Oklahoma.

With the seed hunting now placed on the back burner, you will hunt for this strain. You will travel throughout the state. You will ask fellow connoisseurs. You will make phone calls. You will even ask your next door neighbor, Melanie, as she looks at you with a blank stair and an overwhelming gaze of judgment.

Please understand that I am trying to help you move in the right direction. It will save you so much time and anguish. You will thank me. If only you can interpret and take to heart my urgent plea for you to stop looking right now. You will not find what you are looking for in that strain.

What you are looking for is definitely the taste and smell of Tropicana Cookies, however, it is not perfect for this month. 

Your new found creative motivation from the Tropicana as well and the destruction of your social roadblocks will help you overcome the inability to converse. But I want to give you a piece of advice. Want the giggles?

Try adding Chem to it. The nutty and slightly cheesy tasting addition that leads up to an actual aroused sensation is why Tropicana Chem is my strain of the month for February.


Tropicana Chem is heavy on Caryophyllene, which studies show a potential to reduce alcohol intake, making this terpene a possible treatment for addiction. 

Limonene is perfect for Anxiety & Stress relief

THC Level 25.25%