Rogue Road Life- Eating and Hygiene Tips ans Tricks

Rogue Road Life- Eating and Hygiene Tips ans Tricks

Written By: Veronica Castillo

Travel usually requires the high expenses of food, lodging, and hygiene. The reason that I decided to travel the country the rogue way- to make my money stretch. Of course, my income is generated with Wi-Fi and a laptop, but travel isn’t cheap so, a lot more can go out than what comes in if not careful.

One of the highest expenses we have while travel is food. It’s really easy to get lost in the food scene but- it’s not the smartest approach when life is being lived on the road. But it’s also not the healthiest way to live either. I had/have my share of dining out- but also created a lot of rogue meals.

Hygiene is another expense- usually associated with lodging. When you turn your hatchback into bed to save money on lodging- you have to get creative with hygiene. I got/get creative with both food and hygiene thanks to Cannabis.


Here’s how.

Food/ Meals on the Road I ate/eat at some really amazing vegan restaurants/ restaurants with vegan options, but I also cooked/cook using my propane burner. I left knowing that I needed a plan for meals so I invested in a stove to always have with me.

All I need is a bread source, veggies, and a little salt and pepper and I create nutritious and filling meals. There were/are also many days that I pull up to a grocery store, purchase Morning Star vegan burger patties and burger buns, and cook while relaxing at a public park. Because a pack of 4 costing $10 per pack is much better than 1 burger for $10. I also use BBQ grills at local parks.

Hygiene on the Road

Hotels were not and still not my primary form of lodging so- I live like a trucker somewhat. I am grateful to Pilot and Loves for being there for us road people. The showers there are great! In between showers, I use a blend of methods like freshening up with baby wipes and a gallon of water reserved for “freshening up”.

Sometimes you have to go Eat Pray Love with it “you put the water in the tub, everything that is important gets clean”.