Simple Solution

by Tab Moura

Everybody has a story to tell when it comes to food and how they feel about their bodies. Whether eating healthy comes natural to you, or not, I want to share what has helped me. Since first learning

Light and Shadows, by Tab Moura

about my Ehler’s-Danlos syndrome, we discovered that most of my quirks are genetic (even my sarcasm, thanks Dad).

But even with a genetic diagnosis, I have managed to improve my own unique baseline, with the strategic use of foods. Due to my absorption issues, I struggle with stamina. Believe it or not, food and cannabis have helped me make a lot of progress, slowly building muscle and stamina. The process of strengthening my body has helped me find a few life hacks to improve my overall health, while keeping up with my busy kids. When setting daily goals, one question I ask myself is, “could I do this on a flair day?”


Learn how to make one BOMB veggie dish

I have multiple food allergies, the only thing that keeps me sane with all of the meal prepping is knowing that my food is really yummy. This is worth the time and research, I swear. If you can consistently make one brag-worthy vegetable dish, your brain will begin making new healthy associations, believing that the work is worth it. Set limits- if the recipes you like have too many ingredients or steps, skip‘em. They are not the droids you’re looking for.


Plan your snacks

You know you eat snacks. Did you know that snacks are the most common way that people “cheat” on their diets and fasts? I have a confession. I spend more on my snacks than I do my meals. My meals are usually whole foods, which is honestly quite affordable. When I’m bouncing between tasks, I try to make my snacks healthy and simple, so I don’t go for the quick-grab-junk-food.

Sprouts, Whole Foods and Natural Grocers are my favorite stores. With your top 3 favorite munchies in mind, go visit a health food store to browse their options for healthy alternatives. If it helps keep you on the wagon, It’s basically diet insurance.


Food math

In our family we have those who eat gluten-free, one who has an egg allergy, another who has multiple texture issues, and I am allergic to coconut, almond, and corn. With so many different needs, we made up a concept called food math so we each felt more in control of our own plates.

Eat a protein + eat a vegetable + eat a complex carb + drink a cup of water.

This equation helped me through the anxiety of eliminating foods and not knowing what to make next. It’s not fancy, and it doesn’t fit all diet types, so feel free to make your own equation and post it on your fridge. It can make a full fridge feel less overwhelming.

The truth is, I’m still in the thick of saving my own life. Many of you are as well. If there was one thing I could leave you with, it would be this: It is never a waste of money to support your health, the question is how much will it cost you if you don’t?



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