Spring Cleaning Is Never Too Late


by Kathy Long-Barker

Jaw tight and tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth, you notice your hands are shaking. Your brow is tinged with sweat and though no particular words can be deciphered from your intense and abrupt exclamation, the air around you seems to be swirling with the anxious notes of a strange led violin. 

Howligree, who just previously had lulled into a meditative state, un-crisscrossed her legs and rocked forward onto her knees to take your hands in a firm but comforting grasp. 

“Woah, woah! Slow down, it’s a lot to take in!” She soothed. 

“Okay, okay let’s maybe give you some basic tools before we proceed, I’ve got just the thing,” she assured before turning and leaning half way over the table to rummage through more stacks no doubt.  A gulp can be heard from you and the cat snickers. 

“Not to worry, mate. This is going to ease your nerves” 

She leaned back up and hands you a blue envelope littered with stars on the front. 

What Did You Call Me!? by Kathy Long-Barker



Dearest daring divine,


I intend this finds you well, and if you are not, may these accounts empower you to become so. 


I find this place to be breeding ground for energy entrapment. Everyone here is going about their lives so quickly that they don’t always carry out deeds and tasks with intention or mindfulness. They just….do things. 

For example, a basic example at that, I have been staying with a family for some time now and as the months emerge and depart it has occurred to me that the more clutter their house encompassed Over time, the more clutter their minds created within their head! It’s a microcosm and a macrocosm before their very eyes! Before they know it their bickering and snapping at one another like some sort of anxious nest! It’s absurd! What’s even more fascinating is the matter of their blindness to the issue!! They haven’t an inkling!

Basically we have to remember spring cleaning isn’t only for the hearth, but also for our heart. Our body is a house for our heart, just as the wood, bricks, and sheet rock are are home to our bodies. 


So how do we apply this knowledge in in the now?  Let’s start with our body 


The foundation, the very best place to start is with our breath, the essence of our personal life force. DO NOT breathe from the chest. If your shoulders are moving, you are being counterproductive to the goal of cleansing the body and mind. Breathing from the chest has been proven to encourage cortisol (the stress chemical) which lowers the immune system! 


When we inhale, we should count to four and our stomachs should distend.  – Hold for a count of three. – When we exhale we should focus our belly button back toward the spine for a count of seven. Furthermore, as we are breathing out, our breath shouldn’t be able to disturb the flame of a candle. If it does, your releasing your breath too quickly and too harshly.

The reason we want our breath to be that gentle is because it encourages mindfulness. You aren’t just going through a motion, but rather being forced to think about how you do it. You are in control of your breath and your response. Not the other way around. 


If you can manage to breathe like this for ten to fifteen minutes it’s just as potent as taking an anti anxiety pill. But far more healthy. 

Each experience is highly personal, but I can tell you from my experience, my racing thoughts calmed and continue to calm with each  belly breathing session. My peace ripples like a gentle wave and I have removed myself from the shackles of being a victim. I don’t react as I once did. I respond. 


Continuing in the realms of breath we move to the aura, or energy field that surrounds us, when we take a moment to smoke that bowl of flower, be it hemp or cannabis, I have found setting an intention before medicating is highly beneficial. You can cleanse your energetic field and your physical body if you mean to. 

When you speak words, it’s magic. That’s why they call it spelling! 

Example: thank you for the lessons of this day, thank you for this cleansing flower. May it help to relieve and re center my perspective of the current challenge before me.


Now moving towards and working with cleaning your outer or physical environment can be approached in several ways as well, but to begin I would suggest tidying up your space. Because as I said in my example, if your space is cluttered, it is a reflection of your mind.  You don’t have to clean your entire space all at once and overwhelm yourself. You could start with wiping down your counters. The more you do, the more momentum you build, and it will reflect within your energetic body. You will feel cleaner. Less cluttered and frazzled. 


If you are generally not a cluttered person, I would suggest using a sage smudge stick. 

Light the end and get a nice smoke going. Go through your house, particularly at any threshold, window and door alike and speak your intentions. 

Example: “I cleanse this house and banish any energy that does not serve my highest timeline or my highest good” 

Say this or what intuitively comes to you. TRUST yourself, you know what your doing, even if you don’t remember that fact in this now moment. 


Now take a deep breath dear one, we’ve got this. I promise.