Stitched Together With Cannabis

by Tab Moura

When I first began using plant medicine, the high was indescribable… I didn’t know how to adequately convey how relieving it felt. It was a wonder drug apparently, and I wanted to get it into every nook and cranny of my Elastagirl-body. I have a genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, traditionally this is described as a connective tissue disorder. That is to say, the fundamental glue of my body is faulty, to put it plainly. I wasn’t sure, at that time, if cannabis could help with something like EDS, but I was pretty darn eager to try.


At first, I winged it. I tried inhaling cannabis: I tried vaping, I tried flower, I tried smoking pre-rolls, and while all of it felt relieving for a time, I still did not feel like it was working to help me heal. I already felt safer using cannabis than any of the pills I was prescribed. I knew the reputation of cannabis, the fact that it was able to do more than numb pain, but I didn’t know how that would apply to my situation. Eventually I tried oils, capsules, edibles, and topicals… all helped some, but something was missing.


I began wondering what would help me to build stronger connective tissue, I researched Collagen supplements, but I never felt better taking them. So I began looking at the stuff out there that supports growth and healing. I looked at what fats you should eat to focus on your joints and ligaments. I looked at what healing oils can cross and rebuild the blood brain barrier (which is also made of connective tissue) while taking the cannabis with it. I wanted to do more than *feel* relief, I wanted long term results.


No single diet is a match for everyone, so I began building my own. I took the best from Keto, veganism, whole30, carnivore, and beyond… I have several allergies to contend with, so freeing myself from trying to stick to a single diet literally changed my life. And the best part, cannabis has been involved the whole way, from day one. From helping me with my anxiety while cutting out my allergens and doing research, to helping me get restorative sleep to properly heal while sleeping. It’s been here to reduce my pain while managing dislocations and subluxations, as my connective tissue has continued to strengthen.


The truth is that our ancestors came from all over, so we may need to be pretty creative with our solutions. My Irish, Italian, German and French ancestors probably had diverse diets from one another, so I gave myself permission to play around and figure out what makes ME feel better. I am just so glad I was right… I just needed to give myself permission to think outside the box. It’s helped my cannabis therapy, and it’s helped my overall health. I didn’t know this level of mobility was possible… and all it took was a little creativity.