The Feminine Divine, Healing with Plants and Crystals: Utopic Vibes

The Feminine Divine, Healing with Plants and Crystals: Utopic Vibes

 by Veronica Castillo 

Both recognized as “alternative medicine” (which is crazy because both are natural, coming directly from earth; whereas man made lab pills are considered actual medicine), cannabis and crystals are utilized and consumed for multiple healing reasons: mind, body, and soul. 

In the western hemisphere, which is where The United States of America is, we generally weren’t, and still are not taught about healing with crystals. And I suppose in a country that wants man made pills to be the main source of “medicine”, why would they?

But as I learned from Kristine D. Carlos, in her thesis: Crystal Healing Practices in the Western World and Beyond: 

“Humans have been using crystals for various healing and ritual reasons for centuries. Both geographically and culturally, a diverse range of groups have turned to crystals and gemstones to address diverse needs over the millennia. While the oldest legends of crystal magic date back to the mythical ancient continent of Atlantis, whose people allegedly used crystals for telepathic communication, it is believed that the crystal customs continued to perpetuate in Egypt, South America, and Tibet over subsequent centuries.”

Usually, America doesn’t recognize anything from earth as medicine. You see, crystals come from earth. Millions of years ago, liquid rock inside the earth cooled and hardened, and this is how crystals formed at the twinkling center of the earth. And like cannabis, a plant that grew wild centuries ago, and still could if earth wasn’t being destroyed as I type; are forms of healing that have been here since before humans. 

Holistically and in history, both have been utilized and consumed for healing, today, both are making their way into mainstream society; and there is a company that is offering both in one purchase: Utopic Vibes.

About Uptopic Vibes, Products with a Purpose

Utopic highs and crystal vibes, Utopic Vibes is an Oklahoma based medical marijuana processing facility that seeks to bring patients the best of both cannabis flower and healing crystals. Their focus is on uplifting the vibration of their patients through intention based healing. Owned by Kimberly Provance and Tonya Carone, this company believes that: “Caring for the mind, body, and soul is of the utmost importance for a healthy and happy life.”

Kimberly and Tomya encourage Oklahoma patients to “catch the Utopic vibe” by consuming their line of intentional healing products with names like: chill, heal, create, passion, and uplift. Their intention with providing a product that incorporates earth into healing is to offer:

“Peace and tranquility. This is something everyone deserves in this life, and we are confident that our products will help you change your frequency to align with these states of being.”

Hear from the Owners of Utopic Vibes, Kimberly and Tonya

I just want to say that I absolutely love the concept, the message, and the intention of Utopic Vibes; what led you here to its launch?

“We wanted to provide the patients of Oklahoma with a higher quality experience that can be used  with intention. We both love crystals and appreciate the healing energies they can provide and wanted to share with others how crystals can complement and work together with cannabis for various experiences. The market was lacking a premium pre roll and we wanted to provide the best of everything for the patient from including high testing full flower, genuine crystal, custom cones for an even burn and an educational card for the strain and the crystal. We call our packs experience packs for that reason, it allows for a full experience of enjoying the high quality of the joint while learning about the product and also connecting with the crystal.”  

Please tell me about the team— who are they and what does each person do? 


“The team is Kimberly Provance and Tonya Carone, we met in Bartlesville in May 2020, at the start of the pandemic. Kim was visiting family and looking for alternatives to help her husband who is a cancer survivor. Tonya was working at a dispensary, had so much knowledge to share on terpenes and the healing components of the plant, and was genuinely interested in helping make sure the right products were recommended.

Kim’s background is in corporate America with 30 years in technology sales and sales management where she has always been motivated by helping people achieve their goal through products she has sold and represented. Kim sets the standard of ethical business practices, sources, cleanses, and charges every crystal Utopic vibes uses. 

Tonya’s background is in sales, organic farming, essential oils, as well as petitioning for SQ788. She has helped patients get their cards and then educated patients in dispensaries. We met and bonded over how the earth truly gives us what we need in our lives in both crystals and cannabis. Tonya handles all the sourcing of the product with the various grows, and she insists on high terpenes and quality. She also handles the production and quality control. Tonya’s Role: source growers and strains aligned with our 5 vibes.”  

Before launch, did you find that people overall loved, weren’t sure of, and/or didn’t understand your concept?

“Unsure. Being two women in this industry coming to the market with this intention based approach with crystals and holistic healing; we were told many times it was a lot to ask of Oklahoma patients. But we stayed true to our beliefs that we could change the lives of patients and so, we launched and Oklahoma has welcomed us with open arms to help set the standard of true room based medicating.  

Generally, we get this question from men: “what’s with the rock?”  At first we were like “hey, that’s not a rock it’s a beautiful crystal!” It’s fun now because we have been able to educate so many people from various backgrounds on the benefits of working with crystals. Men also like to purchase them as they give the crystals to their wife or girlfriend, and they get big brownie points for that in addition to a premium joint to enjoy.   

People really like to collect the cards too, they appreciate the information and seeing the various strains and how we change it up.”  

What are your top 3 favorite crystals and why? 

“That’s a hard one that’s like which kid is your favorite 😅. All of our crystals are our favorite depending on what we need in our lives at that moment. Trends with our patients have been our citrine and amethyst. Citrine for its abundance and inspiration and Amethyst is for encouragement of tranquility. 

As women we gravitate toward pink for love so the Rose Quartz is a favorite. Blue lace for positive vibes; this one’s fun to work with and lift your spirits and uplift your energies. Clear Quartz MASTER HEALER applifies energies, protects balances, and acts as a spiritual healer.”

Can you talk about the inclusion of a crystal with your 5 packs?

“Both cannabis and crystals come from our earth naturally, meaning the nutrients we get from plants that we use everyday and also in cannabis, create the crystals over thousands of years; so how can they not come together?

We wanted to give the patient something other than a matchstick or lighter, we wanted to share the experience of the crystal with them in hopes of them achieving the highest level of whatever intention they are manifesting. 

We love to see how our patients use the crystals (each come with a hole drilled) in making jewelry or other ways of carrying them. Some people like to bless others with their crystals. It gives the patient something positive to experience with each pack. That is our goal.”  

Which of the 5 options in your 5 packs is your best seller?

“Create and Chill, lots of people like Heal too; we source really good 50/50 blends for that consistently. Create pleasantly surprised us and is currently our best seller.” 

Where can cannabis patients in Oklahoma find Utopic Vibes products?

“We are in over 50 dispensaries now in the state, please find a dispensary near you on our website.”

How do you all source the crystals and cannabis provided in your products/product packs?

“We get our crystals from Arizona and Arkansas currently.”  

In Closing

I asked Kimberly and Tonya for their recommendations:

For someone that isn’t familiar with crystals and consuming cannabis for healing other than chronic pain, which strain do you recommend they try first?  

“They should start with the vibe that they are feeling… they may be going on a date that night and passion will do the trick as it’s a nice hybrid. If they need a positive boost, we recommend our Uplift. They all really hold the power of intention, so we recommend you start with what you consciously lead you to.”