The Lettuce Lounge

by Chet Tucker

Hindsight may be 2020 but the ride “ain’t” over yet so BUCKLE UP for the Cowboy Cup and it’s keystone addition, The Lettuce Lounge! In a collaborative effort between Arcadia Brands (and their sister brand Utokies) and none other than Herbage Magazine, we’re proud to put together an independent lounge during the Cowboy Cup on Friday & Sat, Dec. 4th & 5th at The Tumbleweed Dancehall in Stillwater.  With Arcadia sponsoring an exceptionally spacious lounge tent, equipped with picnic tables, lounge tables, bar tabletops, a “rolling bar”, Herbage Magazine will sponsor the stage and the laid back acoustic based musicians, creating the perfect space to kickback during the two day event. The spacious 40×80’ lounge will be centrally located between the vendor tents, food trucks, and the Tumbleweed Dancehall.  

Cowboy Cup founder, Daniel Lewis, shares his enthusiasm by saying, “We had a great first year to establish the footprint of having ‘THE’ cannabis championship & music festival in Oklahoma and we’re only here to level up this year. With any event, you learn what works well and what areas can improve and, luckily, I’m fortunate to have great collaborators to work with to make this year’s Cowboy Cup even better than last!. With that said, I surveyed our sponsors, vendors, and participants and worked with guys like Chet & Robert at Arcadia Brands to move the lounge area we had within the vendor and create a larger and segregated area for medicating, eats, and drinks. I’ve been fortunate to have guys like Chet, who’s background in branding and marketing, in our corner to expand the vision. Couple their sponsorship of the lounge with Herbage Magazine and their chief in charge, James Bridges, to offer a laid back acoustic stage and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve got going for year two of the cup.” 

Chet Tucker, Arcadia Brands’ Executive Director of Sales & Marketing, echoed Daniel’s enthusiasm with, “From the first day I sat down with Daniel, at an ice cream shop outside of Oklahoma City, I saw his vision and worked with Robert, our primary owner and CEO, to be one of the first gold sponsors last year and we’ve pretty  much doubled down this year. Last year’s event was the cleanest, friendliest, and most well managed cannabis festival that I’ve attended in Oklahoma. From being fully ADA compliant (handicap accessible) to a clean and spacious arena that lies near perfectly between Tulsa and OKC, Kerry and The Tumbleweed in Stillwater (aka The Weed), you can’t get a more conducive location to hold such an event. Add the fact that it’s an Oklahoma built event with some great brands and farms entering the cup’s competition and/or participating with vendor booths as well as some amazing musical performers, an artist area, and man … it’s only going to grow … pun intended,” he quips with a smirk. “I love that James, with Herbage, and I have had a chance to get to know each other and discuss how we continue to build on the brands built by Oklahomans. Sure there are bigger players from out of state but “farming” Oklahoma built brands and helping them succeed is important so that we can avoid mega corporation infiltration and work together with fellow Oklahomans. Herbage is growing its base and puts together some solid content and I see them growing with the marketplace too.” 

James Bridges, owner of Herbage Magazine, could not be happier to be a participant in the atmosphere for the cup that provides a safe and pleasant venue for our Oklahoma cannabis community and friends.  It is wonderful to see everyone from patient to grower and even the plant herself gathering as we all should.  Working with both Daniel and Chet has been more than eye opening when it comes to the possibilities of helping our fellow cannabis family.   

The location is perfect within the state, Bridges continues.  It’s easy access to everyone and having the ability to stay in Stillwater and surrounding areas will be great for that community.  Think of the potential if the business community of Stillwater, or surrounding, would pull together and cater to this ever growing audience.   

Herbage Magazine loves being involved in these types of events because they serve a great purpose.  Vendors from around the state with terrific creations, networking (looking for a job?), growers with genetics that make your head literally spin, music from our next door neighbors that blows you away, travelers looking to enjoy the afternoon, COUNT US IN! 

Daniel also shares some other benefits with, “We’re also working with Arcadia & one of Stillwater’s local dispensaries, Simply Green Farmacy, to offer truly valuable coupons to purchase ahead of or during the event weekend. Arcadia, Utokies, Dreamleaf Farms, Simply Green Farms, are a few that will offer some Cowboy Cup savings a week or so leading up to the event and through that weekend.”  

The Cowboy Cup goes out of the way to ensure safety and hospitality via partnerships with local hotels and their shuttle services and with Dec. 4th & 5th, right around the corner, we encourage you to go to cowboycup.com and participate. Whether it be purchasing a few remaining vendor booths, entering your flower, edibles, or extracts, or certainly purchasing tickets for the event, your participation only strengthens the Oklahoma cannabis community so that we can continue celebrating the freedom of plant based medicine. 

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