Cannabis and Weight Loss Part 2


3 Ways Cannabis Can Aid in Weight Loss

by Veronica Castillo

The NCBI published an article in 2018 on the theory of hemp- CBD in different forms, and its impact on obesity and other health issues. The in-depth analysis stated that CBD has been proven to reduce appetite and well- reduction of appetite is important for weight loss. There are many that know this from experience and without the research- like me. I discovered through the love of getting medicated for migraines, that Cannabis can aid in weight loss read here.

Here are three ways that Cannabis helps with weight loss, and again, it’s much more impactful when diet and exercise is also considered and applied.

1- Cannabis is great for inflammatory relief. Sometimes pain hurts too much to even walk, let alone workout. Inflammation also causes swelling and swelling can cause water retention. With Cannabis impacting inflammation alone, the path to weight loss becomes less burdensome. Cannabis is also loaded with antioxidant benefits which lowers blood sugars.

2- Eating Cannabis means eating super greens, and super greens might as well be considered the foundation of healthy lifestyle which includes, healthy weight. Cannabis qualifies as a super green and superfood. It’s packed with phytochemicals rarely seen in other plants. Emerging reports have suggested that phytochemical-based diets may reduce adipose tissue growth, differentiation of pre-adipocytes, and appetite, as well as promote lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation, thereby facilitating weight loss.

3- Cannabis is fiber and therefore consuming the leaves, raw bud, and even soaking the plant to create a tea- means cleansing! We all know fiber is the cleanser of the insides- removing all the… let’s just say- toxins- out of the body. Fiber is essential for liver detoxification, and has been shown to increase the activity of antioxidant and detox enzymes in the liver; and we all know detox is key for the initiation of the journey toward weight loss.

Cannabis is like a miracle. This one plant helps with so much. Many of the rumors are that she causes munchies and may cause weight gain- but the next piece in the series will discuss strains that have been known to help with weight loss goals.

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